Friday, April 28


Could we dig up this long-buried treasure,
Were it worth the pleasure,
We never could learn love's song,
We are parted too long.

Could the passionate past that is fled
Call back its dead,
Could we live it all over again,
Were it worth the pain!

Roses and Rue ~~Oscar Wilde

There is something about Spring that always makes me feel up-lifted. Not just for the joy in the blossoming new growth nor the awakening of color around me. The spirit of this season seems so fragile. There is something transient in every newly awakening bud. Something that is so ephemeral that I want to take a moment and capture it, knowing that these tender beginnings are only temporary, as life springs forth from the daunting, hard-packed visage.

It is misleading in some ways, this proof all around that the world is changing, and I cannot help but wonder how much it is changing indeed. This time is so fleeting and I feel the need to hang on to it just a little longer, to try and make the cool mornings stay cool, and the evenings chill stay chill, I know that is not possible. Soon the sun will settle upon us all and begin to usher in the heat, the need to stay indoors, the need to roll up the car windows and blast the air-conditioning.

But for now, windows are rolled down and I love listening to the cacophony of so many different types of music blaring at each red light. Before we all head indoors to escape the heat there is a certain amount of physiognomy that occurs in the Spring as in no other time of the year. The opportunity to look upon one another and appreciate the qualities we can so rarely access from behind rolled up windows and closed doors.

I have planted container gardens and even shared some with my neighbors, those beings I rarely see in the heat of Summer unless we are having a barbecue or out sweltering doing yardwork.

I am going out tonight, a late dinner with friends whom I have missed since I fell ill. We'll drink too many Bahama Mamas and eat a lot of lobster and crabs-- you know how much I crave the foods of my home. The weather is perfect for sitting on the balcony and enjoying the view whilst listening to the sound of laughter and music around me. That is what is Spring is for after all.


All of the lilac and dogwoods are tenderly opening for me.
The small yet hardy daisies that I adore most of all are bursting forth as am I.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

I'll see you soon.


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