Thursday, April 27

HNT - Recovering

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There were nights when it seemed as though the sun would never rise. There were mornings when the sun peering in through the blinds seemed to pierce my eyes with a pain as sharp as stilettos. The headache was unbearable and the pain in my ears seemed, at times, unending.

The nights fever wound itself around me and pulled me deep into dark dreams. Those dreams that meander through places dark and unfamiliar, that make the heart pound as scenarios change unexpectedly and the fog grew over rolling hills. I wandered in mist, somewhere between the sleeping and waking worlds, never distinctly in one or the other, but seemingly trapped somewhere betwixt the two.

I wondered along to the sound of a voice and the roll of the oceans tides, the thunder of waves crashing on the beach. I followed, being led by a voice, far off and faint, yet calling me persistantly, until I finally reached a place where light could penetrate and so began the slow ascent out of darkness.

And so I was found once more. And felt warm hands reaching for me, guiding me into a sweet embrace that held all of the heat and passion needed to sustain me. I went into that embrace and sought my comfort there.

Warm. Protected. Sheltered from the dark.

This week has taken its toll, but I am reviving again.
Dark circles still evidence the battle, scars that are fading as I strengthen. Soon I will be whole again. And hale.

I am feeling stronger with every whispered caress.

HHNT everyone.
And good health to you.