Thursday, August 16

Where The Wild Things Are - HNT

My sister and I enjoying an the afternoon at my favorite bar - Starbucks!
I'm turning into such a mocha-holic.

I just got off the phone a short while ago with an old friend. We hadn't spoken in quite some time. The last time we spoke things weren't going so well for us. Not so much that we were having a problem as that we were both caught up in all the drama that comes with being part of the world wide wicked web.

Still, I did feel a little awkward as I sat through the rings waiting for her to pick up. I wasn't even exactly sure what to say to her. Where to start. So much time has gone by that I had almost forgotten what her voice sounds like. It was almost a shock when she answered. Hearing that familiar voice gave me a feeling much like deja vu. Or like returning to a place you loved as a child.

She was so glad to hear from me! I had imagined awkward silences as we struggled to regain our balance again, but there was none of that. We fell right into chatter, catching up, talking about things that had happened in the past and also things that are going on now. It felt as if no time had passed at all.

I'm glad I made that call now. I'm relieved that we have been able to make that connection again. I've missed her so much. I didn't even realize it until I was on the phone listening as she told me of her latest adventures. I think what I missed most about her is that she loves me. She just does. You can hear it in her voice. The way she laughs when I'm being a smartass. The way she listens so intently to the struggles I've been going through.

Before we hung up she said, 'God, I've missed talking to you.'
And I knew she meant it.
I can't begin to explain the wonderful feeling it gave me inside. Like something that has been missing has been found once more.

I guess we're all a bit like Max in 'Where the Wild Things Are'... We all just want to be where someone loves us best of all.

So here's to old friends, and bonds that bend but never quite break.
And to those people who make us feel absolutely witty and brilliant. Because they bring out the best in us.

And speaking of witty and brilliant...
The gorgeous Viviane has finished moving The Sex Carnival to its new dot com home. I know you're staring longingly at that link. I know you want to click it SO bad! Now come on... you know it's not work safe! But it's just so damned hard to resist. Just one little peek. I know you're probably cursing me for teasing you like this. But what's life without a little temptation?
All I can say is that I looked--
and it was good.
Really Good.

And the Lovely Lil Bit gave me a 'Rockin' Girl Blogger' award. It's sitting on my mantlepiece right now. Thank you so much sweetheart!

This week it will spawn five new 'Rockin' Girl Bloggers'... stay tuned to see my picks.

HHNT to you all!
See The Man!

Thursday, August 9

Naked Truth or Indecent Theory?

Today when I opened up my yahoo account I found confirmation inside of what I, and many others, had long suspected.

Yeti? The Loch Ness Monster?
Something far more nefarious and ominous I'm afraid.

The Naked Truth


Friday, August 3


    The bath has been run, towels warmed and set aside. I lay immersed, my body glowing with electric heat as I hear his movements in the bedroom, the anticipation growing. I climb from the tub and dry myself. Walking into the bedroom I find them there waiting for me. Laid out with hands that know anticipation as great as my own. I drop my towel where I stand and move to the bed. I see then, his need for me.

    Black. Lace. Garters.

    Hands moving over me. I feel his need.
    He is insatiable. His desire for me knows no contentment.
    The need is a vacuous space begging to be filled. A void that screams angrily at its privation. Hunger that grows with each taste, each delicious nibble, until it becomes more insatiable with every tantalizing bite. Then it is. Ravenous. That something unfulfilled in the darkness of our long night.

    Tonight is his choice.
    Whatever he desires.
    He will be fulfilled.

    Every woman should look upon herself as a work of art, unfinished, unmolded.

    At the start of every day, at the beginning of the evening, she is recreated. Women are creatures of diversity. We crave romance and creativity in our love lives. The one thing I think we all have in common is some need to feel sexy, to feel desired, and desirable.

    I went searching through the toy stores and on-line catalogues for negligees and other delicious wearables that I thought might bring a little excitement to the bedroom. My biggest disappointment was that most of these stores use waif-like models to peddle their wares and, honestly, I'm a busty girl with a full figure to match. I wanted to see what naughty things look like on 'normal' women. I always check here first because they use models with different body types.

    Personally I have found that the best way to get what I want is to take him with me. There is something incredibly erotic about wandering the aisles of a store, fingers touching lace and feathers, asking him what he likes. Sharing those things that turn him on is as important as finding the things that I like. And in truth I always get more when he goes with me. Once he has helped me pick out the outfits he likes, especially if I've had a chance to model them for him, I have found that cost is no obstacle when his libido is kicked into high gear.

    Then I let him choose what I'll wear for him.
    After all, this was shopping with purpose. Just whisper in his ear 'I'm going to go take a hot shower. You come pick out what you like and leave it on the bed for me. Tonight I'm all yours.'

    Here's a great site to fill your head with fun ideas for fetish and fantasy.

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