Saturday, July 25

News of the Weird

My mind is a dark place where brave men don't bother to tread.

Spooky Cookie Kitteh
My late great LOLsecretz kitteh, Spooky.
I miss his mischief.

The news from My Desk.
My modem went on the fritz so I vanished for a bit. But I'm back now.
Consider yourself warned.

I've been working hard to catch up on my Secret Brain Crush. He's as witty, caustic and brilliant as ever. I find myself humming this song by The Troggs after reading him. Sheesh.

Insomnia has kicked in full tilt boogie so don't be shocked if you see posts or comments appearing after the Witching Hour. I am, after all, a Creature of the Night. Mwahaha

The news from My Library.
I've just started reading The Fate of Katherine Carr by Thomas H Cook. The tale of a journalist who had given up his position writing about missing persons after the abduction and murder of his own eight year old son. He is drawn back into that world when an investigator introduces him to the case of a missing woman, Katherine Carr, a poet and writer who had disappeared 20 years previously. She had become a recluse after being attacked and the novel's main character, George Gates, loses himself in the mystery of her disappearance after reading her unpublished poems and a story she had written about the abduction of a woman--all of which looks to have been a presentiment of her own fate.
Sounds interesting, No?

The news from Missouri (or Misery, as we Yankee transplant infidel road-trippers call it): I had such high hopes after reading that MySpace Crazy Mom, Lori Drew, was actually going to be charged in the suicide case of Megan Meier. And now the conviction has been overturned? Apparently the laws on computer crimes are too vague. Is it going to take someone dying before they start taking Cyber Stalking seriously? Oh wait. That's already happened. I'm sure it's nothing that a little percussive brain therapy wouldn't cure.

The news from London: FJL has found God? Probably tried to get him to buy her drinks in a bar or maybe at an Internet Cafe where she definitely was not on the Internet, that was the Holy Ghost up to his old tricks again. He's such a joker, you know? Her sock puppets will vouch for her. She, and all of her personalities, were safe at home being beautiful, wonderful and completely sane.
What that means for the rest of the blogging world?
Jesus is her Co-Blogger.
The end is very frickin' Nigh.

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Thursday, July 2

HNT Moon Haiku

The moon is so big
I see each crater and bump
Pull your pants back up

HNT Haiku
I've missed you all so much.
It's good to be back!
Happy HNT

See the man, Osbasso

Mad Haikus
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