Thursday, November 22

Variations on the word rain

fire away! i don't think i can condense or repress my thoughts any more than i have already. now i have no idea what to do for the rest of the evening. it has begun to storm here, the wind is moaning against my door frame, damn the draft. i knew i should have put new stripping in. a towel will have to do for now. every now and then a smattering of hail hits the windows and the panes creak as if they want to give up the fight, i have one cheater log left. can't decide whether to set a match to it now or wait a little longer. the walk to the train station tonight was miserable. the rain, biting cold, like ice water striking my skin. but inside it was warm. the lights shuddered and blinked out. the world looks beautiful from my box. i'm writing in all lower case, and much too long, to annoy glen boyd. to buck against his pedantic rigidness. to show him that all words have their charm, and the variations in their delivery reflect the vagaries in the mind of the writer. i have my charm as well. and vicki feaver on my mind... sharing one umbrella, we have to hold each other, round the waist to keep together, you ask me why i'm smiling--it's because i'm thinking, i want it to rain forever.



Currently Reading: The Red Door by Charles Todd
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