Friday, August 22

One Year

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Sunday we'll be remembering Lona Halden on the first anniversary of her departure from our lives. Although she is gone she has left a unique legacy that trancends the bonds of flesh.

We created this video from the photos that Lona left behind for us. She left these photos so that we would remember her as she was in life. Vibrant. Brilliant. Beautiful.

Her time with us was too short but we never forget how blessed we are to have had her with us as long as we did. Although we miss her smile, her humor, the depth with which she effected the world, and people, around her, we still have these... the photos that capture her love of life, her joy, and the brilliant wit and humor that made us all love her so much.

Our love for her has not diminished with her passing.
If anything, it has grown greater as we begin to truly understand how she touched our lives. Our sorrow hasn't lessened, but we have grown from what Lona taught us during her time on earth-that love is all that matters, that friendship is the only true currency with value, and that every day should be cherished as if it were your last.

We love you Lona.
We ache with missing you.