Thursday, December 10

HNT ascii drawing

    A reader made an ascii drawing from my profile picture.

    ascii drawing

      Pretty cool, right?
      Click to enlarge.

      Have a geeky HNT!

      See the man, OS!

      Currently Reading ~~ Salt Dancers by Ursula Hegi
      When she was young her mother disappeared without a trace. Now grown, Julia has returned home. Pregnant, still haunted by her father's abuse and her brother's betrayal, she seeks to reconcile her long buried anger and find peace with her past.


        Michael Manning said...

        Nice to drop by here Tricia to say Hello and see what you are up to. lol to you! :D)

        Amorous Rocker said...

        Very cool! =) Happy HNT.

        13messages said...

        Very groovy. I love it.

        figleaf said...

        OMG! That's incredible! How cool a photo is that?

        Happy HNT, T,


        Another Suburban Mom said...

        I love the photo. That effect is so cool.

        Emmy said...

        That is pretty cool! :)
        Happy HNT!

        Anonymous said...

        Very nice affect...(not quite as lovely as the original though). XX


        adamantixx said...

        i think it's a lovely picture of a gorgeous woman...every artist needs the inspiration of a beautiful model! x

        MKL said...

        It's very cool. How did you do it? :)

        Anonymous said...

        Very old school, that image, isn't it?

        Ms Scarlett said...

        That is very cool!!


        Hubman said...

        That's really cool!!!

        Happy (late) HNT!

        Barefoot Dreamer said...

        so old school - cool