Wednesday, December 30

Blog Explosion

blog explosion

    I'm an admin for A free traffic generating community for bloggers. We currently have 106,807 blogs in the directory and we're looking for quality writers to join. This site is for bloggers, not for sellers, not for corporate websites. Just blogs.

    The subject doesn't matter. There about fifty categories, from podcasts and video blogs to anime, gaming, technology, blogging tips, business info and personal diaries. The only requirements are that they are written in English, that they are updated at least monthly and that comments are enabled. All sites are reviewed by (mostly) real human beings and we try to keep up a standard that weeds out junk and spam blogs.

    I review websites for admission into the blog explosion directory. This is a labor of love that I took on as a result of my desire to find well-written blogs. I enjoy reading interesting sites. I'm always fascinated by the eclectic mix of writing and topics that roll through my dashboard.

    Last night I had intended to visit the blogs I follow, but when I popped into Blog Explosion I found a large number of blogs that needed reviewing. I set aside my own visits to make sure that these writers waiting for their acceptance emails were not held off too long. We get hundreds of new blog requests daily. It has added up over the holidays as admin members spent time with their families--as they should.

    The problem I'm increasingly running into is the number of spam and advertising blogs that are being submitted. This is a site that runs as a community. With 'Battle of the Blogs' you can pit your blog against another and members will vote on their favorites, they offer free blogging services and the chance to get to know other bloggers with similar interests. After you log-in you gain visits by visiting blogs in the directory. This increases your traffic as well as helping you find interesting new sites and writers.

    Not to mention all of the useful blogging/technology information you find on Blog Explosion sites like Gadgets Directory or the great photography and biting wit of runswithscissors. The chillingly fascinating chronicles of True Crime journaled at In Cold Blog.

    Anais Nin's Diary has been called 'The Liary' due to the heavy re-writing that Nin did to get it published, and yet it is still a brilliant, creative, erotic piece of lying literature--Much like UnpopularTruths "When my fake editor came to me with the chance to conduct a fake interview with Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger – noted pants-around-your-feet enthusiast and unapologetic photo-op horn-thrower – I jumped at it like a chicken on a dough dish." Okay. Maybe not so much erotic, but brilliant and creative definitely.

    And then there's My Kafkaesque Life. It takes a special stroke of creative genius to take a picture of an unpublished post and make it a post. A shy guy. It says all of the things he would never say directly in a post.

    Now that is brilliant.

    One of my dirty little vices~ I could easily blow an entire afternoon reading the book reviews, rants, recipes and plain kvetching of The Library Lady Rants "Yes,I am aware that people can't read simple instructions. Hell, I'm a librarian, who would know better?" As a matter of fact I have blown an entire afternoon reading her. In my pajamas, drinking hot tea. What can I say? Showers are over-rated.

    Last night I wasted hours wading through money-making blogs that offer nothing in their posts except links to on-line stores and advertising disguised as blog posts. I couldn't unleash that feculent bilge on this community of bloggers who have devoted themselves to creating a unique, entertaining and informational presence within the blogosphere. I hit the reject button so many times I chipped a nail. Frggg

    So now I'm turning to you. If you can write and you have a unique style, information to assist bloggers, or just humorous observations on your daily life, please. Please. Add your blog to Blog Explosion. I'd rather chew off my own toes than have to sit through another night of viagra/creatin laced drivel.


      G.~ said...


      I Lu-huv your writing. I want to keep reading and reading and reading...

      As soon as I finish up here, I'm going to Blog Explosion and then of course use the rest of my time with this day to frolic through your blog and check out all the links you have posted. Sometimes it blows my mind to see how creative and witty people are.

      When I read what people write I get a little visual of how they talk and their mannerisms. You, my friend, are soooo cool. Talk about a brain crush...
      You may be the character I was missing from my story.

      I need mental stimulation to get my mind reeling and you have done that for me; so I thank you. It's not often anymore that my brain gets the nourishment that it needs.

      It helps to know that people read what I write and actually get some enjoyment out of it or can relate in some way.

      I do comment back on my comments, but I'm not quite sure that people re-check the comments to see of they got a comment back. (That's alot of comments. Is that legal in the writing world)?
      I'm still not quite sure what the blog commenting etiquette is, so forgive my ignorance please.

      Have a wonderful and creative day.


      adamantixx said...

      i have BE to thank for originally directing me to your blog and i've had the great pleasure of returning many times since.
      i have no particular favourite type of blog but i do detest those that are trying to sell you something so keep up the good (and thankless) work! x

      The Panserbjørne said...

      T.: I'm interested, but need to know two things: 1) are they OK with adult (i.e., decidedly non-worksafe) journals? I'm not keen on having my rather adult stuff side by side with a recommendation on how to choose kiddy pools, for example. The screenshot you posted seems to suggest they are, but it's better to check first.

      and 2) -- are they OK with aliases? I don't use a real name anywhere on my journal.

      -- PB

      MKL said...

      Wow, thanks T for featuring my post here. Although I must say the thing I wrote is pure fiction, never happened to me, hehe. I tried to experiment a little. Those were the days ;)

      I'm gonna sign up for Blogexplosion, yay. Seems like an awesome place. And I will check the blogs you recomment.

      All I can say is, I never tried to sell anything on my blog, my blog is ad-free and I blog for fun.

      Glad you do that, too.

      Best of luck in 2010! Big hug from me :)

      Hubman said...

      I'm very interested, but I've also got the same questions as The Panserbjorne...

      Anonymous said...

      Thanks for the shout-out! I'm never sure whether my writing comes off as brilliant or douchebag distillate, so I'm always glad when people enjoy my ramblings. I've been on Blog Explosion for a few years now (starting with my previous blog, Cigarettes and Lotto Tickets) and while I don't check in nearly as often as I used to, I've found some gems over the years. Anyways, keep up the good work -- always nice to find interesting people with a gift for stringing words together.

      Take care,


      T - Another Geek Girl said...

      G~ You know I love your writing as well. I've been falling in and out of the slough for the last year. I need inspiration and you're just the kind of writer to give it to me.

      I try to comment back on comments, but I make an effort to visit the commenters first. Sometimes I don't make it back here for a while.

      Most HNTs I just visit. But I do try to see if my comments are answered.

      T - Another Geek Girl said...

      Axx, I did get confused didn't I? You were the one I met on BE first. My first bookmarked blog.
      How long ago was that? 2004? 2005?

      And we're both still here.
      A testament to tenacity--and stubbornness.

      T - Another Geek Girl said...

      PB. They do have a no sex blogs statement, but I think that's mainly for pRon sites. My blog is rated
      - Contains partial Profanity
      - Contains adult/mature content

      So I think you should be okay.

      You just have to make sure that you tell them that you have mature content. People who surf through them have the option to 'not view' blogs with profanity or mature content. If you're like me you like to view it all. I'm not easily offended.

      Besides, if you check out Axx's blog you'll see that he's pretty adult and he's been there for years.

      I'd love to see you there!

      T - Another Geek Girl said...

      MKL, why did I think you came from there? I guess why found each other through Axx??? That's funny.

      Poor Axx. Not to worry, I'll make it up to him later.

      You've got a great blog sweetheart.
      It should be celebrated.

      T - Another Geek Girl said...

      Hubman, I think the pics might put you over the top. But I think you should give it a try. Just mark it appropriately as adult. The worse that could happen is that an uber-christian editor will say nay.

      But it did get me thinking...
      Since I'm starting another site solely for specific writing, maybe you should start a site solely for your photography.

      A commitment challenge from me to you. Will you join me?

      T - Another Geek Girl said...

      KHW, I love reading you. You are pearls before swine my friend. And quite a character.

      Here's to a long happy future of continued inspiration.

      xx T

      cooper said...

      I didn't know BE was still that active. I started there back in the day, used to have a college roommate scroll blogs for me for credit - awful I know.

      But it is where I found all my original reads and readers. I go there maybe twice a year but maybe it's time to go back. Spam blogs are everywhere it must be difficult to get through them because some people don't even know they are spam. Better yu than me.

      T - Another Geek Girl said...

      Coop, that is the problem- some people don't realize that they're writing a spam blog. If I had the time I'd write each person individually and tell them that writing interesting posts will generate more readers than trying to hit their keywords in Google. But I just send a little note that says too many ads, etc.

      I'm always amazed at the way our blogging paths have intersected over the years and yet we missed each other.

      I found most of my readers on BE as well. Some that have stuck with me for years and through many changes.

      The site is in need of paring down, some blogs have been admitted and then switched to marketing blogs. A dirty trick I say! We'll set about weeding them out in time.