Saturday, July 25

News of the Weird

My mind is a dark place where brave men don't bother to tread.

Spooky Cookie Kitteh
My late great LOLsecretz kitteh, Spooky.
I miss his mischief.

The news from My Desk.
My modem went on the fritz so I vanished for a bit. But I'm back now.
Consider yourself warned.

I've been working hard to catch up on my Secret Brain Crush. He's as witty, caustic and brilliant as ever. I find myself humming this song by The Troggs after reading him. Sheesh.

Insomnia has kicked in full tilt boogie so don't be shocked if you see posts or comments appearing after the Witching Hour. I am, after all, a Creature of the Night. Mwahaha

The news from My Library.
I've just started reading The Fate of Katherine Carr by Thomas H Cook. The tale of a journalist who had given up his position writing about missing persons after the abduction and murder of his own eight year old son. He is drawn back into that world when an investigator introduces him to the case of a missing woman, Katherine Carr, a poet and writer who had disappeared 20 years previously. She had become a recluse after being attacked and the novel's main character, George Gates, loses himself in the mystery of her disappearance after reading her unpublished poems and a story she had written about the abduction of a woman--all of which looks to have been a presentiment of her own fate.
Sounds interesting, No?

The news from Missouri (or Misery, as we Yankee transplant infidel road-trippers call it): I had such high hopes after reading that MySpace Crazy Mom, Lori Drew, was actually going to be charged in the suicide case of Megan Meier. And now the conviction has been overturned? Apparently the laws on computer crimes are too vague. Is it going to take someone dying before they start taking Cyber Stalking seriously? Oh wait. That's already happened. I'm sure it's nothing that a little percussive brain therapy wouldn't cure.

The news from London: FJL has found God? Probably tried to get him to buy her drinks in a bar or maybe at an Internet Cafe where she definitely was not on the Internet, that was the Holy Ghost up to his old tricks again. He's such a joker, you know? Her sock puppets will vouch for her. She, and all of her personalities, were safe at home being beautiful, wonderful and completely sane.
What that means for the rest of the blogging world?
Jesus is her Co-Blogger.
The end is very frickin' Nigh.

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WDKY said...

Hi T... nice to see you post (shipping forecast not working it's magic?). Anyway, I just had to check that London reference. Blimey.

Take care, darling x

T said...

WDKY, I think you still owe me an audio recording of yourself reading the shipping forecast. I've been waiting a long time my friend.

Oh yeah. The London news. Most won't get it. It's a shame that this has descended into what feels like tabloid fodder. The mental distress never really goes away. It would be hard for most people to understand, but I was paranoid to even post this. No link, no searchable name--still, I've found myself debating if I should even have the initials up.

I've been through this before and it's not a road I ever care to travel again.

I miss you, babe.

Tom Brown said...

Glad to see you back. I hope you plan to stay around for a while this time.

Elizabeth Barrette said...

*laugh* I love the kitten in the cookie tin.

Seamus said...

What a nice surprise to see you in my comments! Hmmmm ... 'course the laptop did a death spiral soon after that - LOL!

Glad to see you back in the sphere again! :)

MKL said...

Wow... your cat looks almost same as mine (check my label cloud for 'cat').

T said...

Tom, thanks. I'll try to stick around. I promise.

EB, thanks. I miss him. He was a hoot. He liked to sleep 'inside' things. Boxes, bags, purses. You never knew where he'd pop up next.

T said...

Seamus, I'll be back to see you soon. Probably tonight - mwahaha!

You'd better have something new up or I can't be held responsible for what I write in the comments. I figure if you're gonna leave the place unattended I may as well try to provoke you into a blog smack down. Wanna fight? Come on chicken. Put your dukes up!

T said...

MKL, thanks for the visit.
Going to look now.

T said...

MKL, you're right! They could be from the same litter!

Spooks got hit by a car this year, but I still have plenty of LOL pictures to keep his memory alive. I plan to post more over time. I think that's the best way to honor him. He was so full of personality. And he was always a ham for the camera.

Seamus said...

I'll put up my dukes if you put on your Daisy Dukes!

T said...

That reminds me. Time for HNT!
Are you coming back?
I do so miss your HNTs.

I warn you though. It's changed a lot. You can get all of your prOn there now. And no nasty trojans!

My daisy dukes huh?
Good thing I've been swimming. No 'under the butt' tanning bed lines.

Be careful what you wish for young man, you surely might get it ;)

MKL said...

Oh, keep the memory alive. I also look at the pics of our old cats. Every cat has a unique personality. That's why I love them so much. They lighten up your rainy days :)

Ken Albin said...

Spooky looked so sweet in that photo!

I am also a night owl insomniac. Last night I hit the sack at 5 AM. It's driving the better half crazy when I play with the cats most of the night.

Missed seeing you, love. Have a great week there.

Michael Manning said...

lol Tricia! I'm trying to keep up with how many of us have had our cars in the shop for major A/C repairs versus computers gone wild! It's great to see you back! :D)

T said...

MKL, funny thing is, I was never much of a cat person. I have to admit that the only cat I really liked was our first and it took me a while to get used to the idea of having one. Then Spooky came along. The first one was very independent and not much for affection. Spooks was going to lay all over me whether I liked it or not. He was a dumpster kitty. My son brought him home one day after Spooky jumped out of a dumpster and scared him half to death. That's how he got his name. He was so tiny, he fit in one of my son's hands and I said 'oooh yeah, he is pretty spooky', and the name just stuck.

The older one is getting up years. I don't think I'll be getting another one for a while. Just no time now for a kitten in the house.

But, we're definitely keeping the memory alive. So many fun times to laugh about.

T said...

Ken, it's good to be back.
Even if the hours are so awkward!

T said...

Michael, I'll be by soon to read of your new adventures.

Missed you dude.

MKL said...

Hey, same here, Tricia.

We used to have dogs. First one died in a car accident, then we get another. But he turned out to be fierce and we had to keep him outside. We needed some pet to play with, cuddle with, so we got 2 cats... from then on, we're hooked on cats. They grow on you and become part of your family. I'm sure Spooky was a funny 'guy' :)