Monday, April 10

Chelsea Hotel

Welcome to Musical Monday brought to you by WDKYLONDON.

Rather than adding something from the long list of already published artists I have decided today to introduce you to one of our own blogging musicians. Someone you might not get hear otherwise. And she is so talented. At writing and at playing.
I hope you enjoy her music as much as I do.

This is her version of Chelsea Hotel 2 written by Leonard Cohen.
This recording was made on her laptop. I love the raw quality of it. The epitome of the connection between singer and song.

Please welcome
Hades Bride

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In the Chelsea Hotel we laughed and we drank.
The wine intoxicating, the smell of cigarettes and perfume filling the air around us. Her eyes smiling at me from over the rim of her wine glass, her hair filtering the sun to red. She is beautiful.

Her voice raspy from no sleep and laughing. I sat and listened as her fingers played the song. Her voice, always melancholy when she sings for me. Deep, husky, expressing all of the emotion that a woman can feel.

The most beautiful voice I have ever heard. Full of pain and longing unfulfilled. The sister of my soul. A girl Crush so divine.

I want to be like her. I want to be her friend.
I love her for all of the ways she is like me. I love her more for the ways she is not.

My soul sister.

Musical Monday