Saturday, April 8


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Spring has truly sprung around here and it is beautiful.
After a night of raging storms there are power outages and trees down in the roads, but Mother Nature has come to the rescue and brightened the day quite nicely.
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The garden is in bloom and I'll be spending the rest of the day working on it. Something I enjoy doing very much.

Someone was asking me a while back what my work area looked like. Said they thought with my taste it must be a very interesting place. Yes it is! So here you go.
My desk.
Had to blur A's pictures. She's shy.
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I hadn't said anything earlier, due to my tendancy to be superstitious, but at the end of the week we finally closed on our first sale. That meant Wednesday and Thursday were hectic with running around (my apologies for not finishing my comments on the last post and I swear I wasn't ignoring anyone, just not much time to visit), but Friday - we sat in a conference room and signed all of the documents. Then off to Starbucks for celebratory Coffees. And whilst sitting outside of Starbucks with three other agents I was approached by a very nice gentleman who saw my name tag and just happens to be in need of an agent! We sign early next week to buy and sell.
More running around but this is more fun than any office job I've ever had.

However - there is nothing more surrealistic than going grocery shopping and seeing you and your mother on all of the shopping carts. Ha!

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And onto more good news.
As some of you know my kitty Izzy got bitten by a Brown Recluse a few weeks ago and they had to remove the necrotic flesh and staple his cute little face back together.
Well the staples are out and he can see again. Nothing worse than a vicious bunny killer who has no peripheral vision. Although I admit it was amusing to watch him try.
Here he is stapled together.
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Poor little guy!
I'll post a new pic soon.
Right now he is no mood to be fussed with.

And Spooky is doing well. Cheyenne has turned him into a Lemur and he dances to 'I like to move it move it' to entertain us. He is so adorable.
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I should have more time for visiting this week.
Things are slowing back down again, thankfully.
I'll see you all very soon.