Tuesday, April 4


Outside tonight the wind is howling.
The storm is raging all about me.
Yet all I can think of is how warm I would feel in your arms.
How you would wash all of my fears away.
You are the strength I have longed for.

When I was little I was afraid of storms. I used to hide under our dining room table and try to block out the craziness outside. I grew up in the tornado plagued mid-west so most of my childhood was spent being afraid of bad weather.

Then I lived in Texas for a while.
Hot, dry, electrical storms. The lightning would streak diagonally across the sky leaving the smell of ozone in the air behind it.

My dad's job forced us to move around a lot, so I didn't really develop any roots until I was a teenager. Then it was the East Coast. I grew to love the weather there. The storms at sea and the wind whipping on the beach were so close to my own restless spirit that it was like finding MY place. I really wish I hadn't left the coast. I miss the cold Atlantic waters and the smell of the salty sea air.

I got this from spcknght a while back and have been meaning to post it.
You Are Emerald Green

Deep and mysterious, it often seems like no one truly gets you.
Inside, you are very emotional and moody - though you don't let it show.
People usually have a strong reaction to you... profound love or deep hate.
But you can even get those who hate you to come around. There's something naturally harmonious about you.

you are very emotional and moody - though you don't let it show
Yeah. Right. Sure.