Sunday, January 3

The Spirit Box 2010

The ritual of burning The Spirit Box is one that I have taken part in every year since Seamus first wrote about it. My First Spirit Box was the most difficult for me.

I collected my notes from the year past and put them to rest forever. As the flames began to rise I once more felt the release that comes with letting go of the past. I now have the freedom to move on. An opportunity to begin this decade with a soul that is cleansed, a mind that is looking only forward, never back.

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adamantixx said...

that sounds like a very good idea to me, we carry too much of the past with us and learning to leave it all behind would be a wonderful thing to learn x

cooper said...

Happy New year to You as well.

MKL said...

Oh, that's so hard for me, because I can't let go of the things in the past... I wonder, if that's good or bad. For now, I can still drag this baggage with me, but it may become a hindrance.

Emmy said...

What an inspiring idea! Your post (and past posts) inspired quite a bit of discussion between my husband and me.

Happy New Year!

T - Another Geek Girl said...

Axx, I have to admit that letting go is difficult for me. I'm not the type to hold grudges and I have a quick temper-- easily ignited and quickly put to rest. But some things are lodeged more firmly, deeper. It may take a few Spirit Boxes to completely cleanse them from my soul.

Have a wonderful New Year sweetheart. Here's to another year of *us*.

T - Another Geek Girl said...

Coop, Happy New Year Babe!
I can't imagine you've ever been in need of a Spirit Box. Even our first meeting-- ahem... you're extremely direct, antagonizing even. I wouldn't figure you for one to hold in resentments. You pretty much speak your mind and move on, and the hell with the devastation you leave in your wake.

But hey, that's what I find most fascinating about you. One woman's bitch is another woman's Anne Sexton ~~ I have been her kind.

T - Another Geek Girl said...

MKL, I was just thinking similarly when I was commenting to Axx. About the things I cannot let go. I feel their nefarious influence within me, like a lead ball that drags at my spirit. I long to free myself and I know that these are a burden that I bear alone... because those 'others' have moved along and probably never looked back. If I choose to hold onto any bitterness, resentment, then I am the one who is choosing to corrupt my own happiness.

They have no control over my feelings, I alone must decide-- not so much to forgive, because that I cannot give them, but to simply free myself from the bindings of the past.

Like you I am comfortable with certain baggage, because I need it. Lessons learned that I wish not to forget. Mistakes in judgement or trust that I don't ever want to repeat.

Happy New Year MKL.
You're probably the only one who fully understands the meaning of what I've just said ;) A treasured gift.

T - Another Geek Girl said...

Emmy, you're always a ray of sunshine in stormy weather. I do love your sweetness. You and hub have inspired me as well. A reminder that sometimes people were just meant for one another-- and that I need to pick up some batteries when I go to the store.
(I'd better write that down now, before I forget again)

G.~ said...

I used to do the box. I haven't done it in a couple of years though. Maybe I'll get back to that again. Sometimes I like to hang on to shit until I'm done being furious. Then I get sad, (okay, I cry until snot bubbles come out of my nose, but don't tell anyone)then I want to let it go and I can breathe again. Then just when I think things are okay, some asshole triggers it all over again and I realize I really didn't let it go at all.

I'll get the box. Thanks for reminding me of the simple things.

David Tamayo said...

Thank you so much for visiting my site and leaving a comment. I had posted about AVATAR. After visiting your site and realizing that you are an Admin member of blogexplosion I can understand the "time" issue but if you can try to check out AVATAR, hopefully in Imax3D. ;o) I am also a big proponent of positivism. The idea of burning a spirit box is wonderful. It gives a physical body to an ideal of letting go of the negative. Instead of relying solely on visualization and intent or will power, this will allow you to let go of accumulated negativity in a very real tangible way. ;o) Again, thanks for the visit. I hope to see you again. Take care.

T - Another Geek Girl said...

G~ Forget the box. Seamus had some other idea that sounded cool as well. Something about hanging some stuff in trees. I'll have to find it if it's still there. Sounded so good I tried it once. I had to find a really short tree though.

I wanna see you with snot bubbles.
Really. I do.

T - Another Geek Girl said...

David, I'm up to my ears. 3 book reviews in the queue. But Avatar is on my list. Definitely.

I like the way you think. The tangible release of negative energy. I believe in removing negative energy through massage as well. Intimate human touch has incredible power in removing negativity. As Forster said.. Only connect.