Sunday, January 31


"Vertigo is the conflict between the fear of falling and the desire to fall."
~~ Salman Rushdie
I know I've been absent the last few days, but I needed to shut myself down for a bit. The weekend was a forced rehabilitation time for me, although I did have to work (crazy situation there that I'll explain later). I had visited the doctor Thursday thinking that I might have strep. I've had an upper respiratory infection for nearly two weeks that has refused to be coaxed away by any medication. Last week it migrated into my ear and I started feeling dizzy. Really dizzy. Disoriented.

Then it got worse. I can only relate it to the feeling that I used to get as a child after spinning around in circles. My eyes couldn't focus on one spot. I could only stop myself from falling by reaching out and holding onto something. I would be overcome by waves of nausea that felt like sea-sickness and then a feeling that I might pass out.

The doctor discovered that I've developed an inner ear infection that has caused vertigo. I haven't been able to drive, I can't sit at the computer for long and I can only read when I'm laying down. When my eyes shift right, my body drifts left. I find myself walking into things. If I stop suddenly whilst walking I feel like my body is still moving forward. I have to grab onto something until the feeling passes.

The vertigo is not consistent. It comes and goes. I never know when it will happen and I don't know what sets it off. According to what I've read it can be brought on by simply looking in a certain direction or moving my head in a specific way. I can be feeling fine one moment and then unable to stand up straight the next. And I have no idea how long the spell will last. It has made life miserable.

The doctor gave me medication to help, but the only way to get rid of vertigo is to see a specialist who is trained to do certain head-moving exercises to re-balance the fluid in the inner ear.

For now, I'm taking the meds and resting.
I will be back soon.

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Anonymous said...

that really must be awful and i completely sympathise with you and hope you're well again soon.
it must be like being permanently seasick x

MKL said...

Oh, Tricia.. First I thought you were relating to Hitchcock's masterpiece, then it's actually about you. Oh boy. I hope everything gets better for you, rest and take care of yourself. Hope the medicine works. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Ms Scarlett said...

Wow, that sounds awful! Hope you're feeling better soon!

Jessica Hallett said...

I have had friends that suffer from vertigo... I never realized how serious it is... they cant get up for days and have to lay in a dark, quiet room. I can't imagine. Feel better and rent some Hitchcock!