Sunday, January 10

Winter Charity

Atlanta Icestorm 1935

One of the activities I'm involved in through work is helping out at one of the city women's shelters. One of the ladies I work with began volunteering there and it has turned into an activity that we regularly participate in. Gathering things necessary to keep women and children healthy and going through these frigid winter days has been a challenge. And it is most often women and children that I deal with.

Please remember as you are taking your winter clothes out that those things that no longer fit or that the kids have outgrown might just be the answer to another family's prayers.

We set a box by the front door to make it easy for everyone in the family to pitch in. The box is almost full of things that we've come across in the last week that we realize we don't really need anymore.

As I sorted through the linen closet I gathered also the old blankets, towels and mismatched sheets and pillow cases that have accumulated. These are the items that we normally wouldn't take to the local charity closet, but winter is the time when families get displaced by fire and these items, along with old dishes and pots and pans, can help a family rebuild. Many families here lost their homes to the floods so this week's freeze demanded my immediate attention.

As the cold weather encroaches most of us find ourselves nestled more and more in the warmth and comfort of our families. A roaring fire, warm soup and hot drinks. An old favorite movie playing on the TV. It's a wonderful time to think about the blessings we've been given and to think about paying it forward. We never know what the future holds in store for any of us. The day may come when we must rely on the generosity of others. It's not a bad lesson to teach the kids. The concept of Noblesse Oblige. And the golden rule, Do unto others...

Local Kroger stores are now accepting coat and blanket donations. We are expecting another round of bad weather.

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    Chic Mama said...

    What a great idea, I never think to donate old towels or bed linen.

    MKL said...

    I agree, it's a great idea. I feel so blessed to have a warm house and enough to eat... we shall not forget those who don't have all that. Good post.

    Cooper said...

    especially necessary this year, places that are usually tepid are quite chilly.
    I've done the women shelter since high school no matter which city I lie in and it really is amazing what we have at home that is often in almost pristine condition and could be put to good use by others.

    sapheyerblu said...

    I've been on both sides of this coin. I know how important it is to donate the things we don't use anymore and I do it all the time now. Not just coats and blankets, but books I don't read anymore-dishes-the little things that we take for granted.

    Great post. :)