Sunday, January 1

Seamus' Spirit Box

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I loved reading this.
Written by Seamus, it expressed my feelings far better than the words I wrote on the subject myself.

"What’s a Spirit Box? I’m glad you asked! Some refer to them as God Boxes, but basically they are one way receptacles for notes offered to the Spirit or Spirits – God or Goddess. It’s a sealed container and constructed of some flammable material – could be wood, cardboard, etc. with a slot to slip the notes into. It has become a ritual to allow myself to offer these thoughts to the universe and not try and maneuver them, or better known as “let go and let God”. I no longer know what has been inserted other than recent entries and THAT my friends is the point – letting go! It’s not all “peace and light and love” but it is also “concern and anger and general bitchiness”. I love the symbology and I also love that it makes me think as I’m slipping the note through the slot – “do I really want this” or “is this what I really think” or “how important is this”. Part of the ritual is building the box itself and the effort that goes into it is a purge of sorts - there is a lot of power in building with purpose."

Here is tonight’s sacrificial box created by Seamus' own two hands... wow!
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"Sunday update: several of you have expressed concern over burning the box and really that is part of the ritual, to be able to let things go (pretty though it is) to allow for new to happen - maybe we should call it a Phoenix Box. Some of the boxes of years past have been very elaborate and their form is often dictated by available materials. So the ritual has two parts - offering and release. It's going to be a GOOD YEAR!"

Okay Seamus, late, but then it's never too late right?
That's one thing I learned from you.

Thanks to the geek girls for the template.
You rock!