Thursday, January 26

The good news

Hi all,

I hate sending out a bulk email like this, but SAVANNAH GOT THE CALL!!!!!!!!!

She's on her way to CH right now, and will get her new liver in the morning. Pray for her to be strong, healthy, and for this to be her perfect liver.

Also remember the family who lost their child.

I'll update as I can, as Renee should be updating on Savannah's site regularly within reason....


Now, this message affected me deeply.
The last time we went through Savannah's transplant and it was rejected my heart broke.

She gets another shot however and that is wonderful news for both Savannah and Renee.
This message does leave one weighing the good and bad however, that a child was lost and that loss is giving Savannah a chance at life. I think Angi speaks volumes here in asking us to also remember the child who was lost. A moment of mixed feelings, the somber and the joyous. It amazes me the strength this family must have to be so generous in their own grief.

Blessings to you.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Please go visit and send Renee warm hugs to get through this... again.

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