Sunday, January 29

A place to write your heart

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As most of you know, if you have visited here for any amount of time, this blog was started as a place for family. My father and sisters all pop in from time to time to add pictures and notes on what we've been up to. It has been a place to come together to share our photos and to keep in touch because we all live so far apart.
It will continue to be that. A place for my family to share our gifts across the miles.

I have decided however to move to a new location.
A place of my own so to speak.
I've enjoyed the friends I've made here and will email everyone with the new URL so we can continue to keep up with one another.

This change is not happening today, nor tomorrow. I'm still looking at what to move and what to keep. And of course, how to move it. That seems to be the problem. I have the new URL, but not much time for moving, so for now I am firmly planted.

I'll keep everyone notified of changes.

Have a great week.
Talk to you all soon.

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