Saturday, December 31

Happy New Year!

My New Years Card to Everyone!
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Got this from Celti.

~My Death Prediction~
Let it be told...
While you're walking down a busy street, a suicidal maniac jumps from an apartment window thirty stories above you. Unfortunately for both of you, the maniac lands directly on you. You're crushed to death, and the suicidal maniac walks away unscathed.

Wow, death by lethal squashing.
Very interesting!

Get your prediction.

Here's how the year 2005 is going to go out...
Let it be told...
While on a group tour of a candy factory, you fall over a guardrail and land on a taffy pulling machine. Your head, torso, and legs are ripped into three separate sections.

Yeah, that pretty much describes the whole year.
Like a year of being pulled limb from limb in a taffy pulling machine.
How appropriate!

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