Saturday, December 17

What we're doing now

In the true spirit of the season we are doing what we do every year.

At school.
The students at the High School collected 3800 canned goods to give to N. Fulton Charities. Enough to fill an entire bus! Great job guys. We are all proud of you!

They also did a drive for the Women's Homeless Shelter.
A cause near and dear to my heart.
You guys are awesome!

At work.
We are doing collections for various local charities.

At home.
Toys for Tots always gets their donations before we start buying for one another.
It's a good reminder that the true spirit of the season is in what you can do for others. It makes this season feel just a little more special when you realize you have done your part to bring joy to others. We are all happier today for what we are blessed to have. We try to never forget just how lucky we are.

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