Tuesday, December 13

Once again I am reminded...

Behold, we live through all things,--famine, thirst, Bereavement, pain; all grief and misery, All woe and sorrow; life inflicts its worst On soul and body,--but we cannot die, Though we be sick, and tired, and faint, and worn,-- Lo, all things can be borne!
Elizabeth Akers Allen ("Florence Percy")

Troy and I went Christmas shopping tonight.
We got gifts for co-workers and friends.
The smell of holiday candles filled the van as I dragged him from place to place with me. The sounds of Christmas music playing on the radio and the houses and buildings lit up for the season gave me a feeling I haven't had in years. I reached out and laid my hand on his as we drove through the cool damp night, insulated together in our own little world.

I once again realized just how much I love this man and the family we have raised together. What would my life be without him? A dark place I think. Definitely not a place I would survive in long without his strength and humor.

I love you baby.
You are my heart.

PS.Good News. g33kgirl is designing a new template for me.
Awesome Christmas present. Thanks ladies.

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