Thursday, December 29

The Story Telling Rules

Here's how it works. I'll post a list of **five** random words and if you would like to participate you post a story using as many of the five words as you can. The rules are as follows:


*1) The first 24 hours after I post the words are for people to create their stories. After that point I'll post that it's time to vote. 24 hours will be allowed for voting and then I'll post the final results.
(This is now revised to a longer writing time frame)

2) You are allowed, at this time, to post more than one story.

3) You must identify your story at the beginning with your initials followed by the number of the story it is (ex. CB1, DK2, HB1). These codes will be used to identify the stories for voting.

4) The story must make some kind of sense. If it makes no sense you lose 3 points. No sandbagging.

*5) You will get 2 points for the story if you use all 5 words.

6) You also get 1 point per vote you get from other commenters.

*7) You are allowed to vote for up to 4 stories per game.

8) You can't vote for your own story no matter how brilliant it is.

9) You CAN vote for more than one story by the same author.

Have fun showing off your creative muscles!

Addendum 1: Rules marked with an * tend to change with each game. If they are different than this base set of rules, they will be posted before the new word list.

These are the basics.

This round there are 6 words to use and you have until Jan 16th to post your story.
Then we'll vote and the author with the most votes gets to pick the words for the next round.

Happy writing!

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