Wednesday, September 16

Free Pink Templates for October

Pink For October
It's about that time. Breast cancer awareness is almost upon us.
Are you Going Pink For October?
Are you ready to learn how to revert your blog to old / classic blogger?
And how to switch back to new blogger as well?
You'll need to know how to back-up your blogger template.
The process is really quite easy, but it does take a lot of copy /paste if you're used to using blogger widgets.

I'd advise starting a 'template_test' blog so you can practice before going live on your home blog.

I'm starting to work on some new additions to the free 'going pink for October' blogger templates. I have to make some corrections to the old templates as well. Some are not working in Mozilla as they should.

You'll see the templates move up on the sidebar as we get closer to the date.
And as always, I'm happy to help anyone who needs it, whether you're using one of my templates or another you've found elsewhere.

Boobiethon 2009
October 1st-7th
And it's time to start thinking about your Boobiethon pictures. Bloggers baring it all to save the bOObs.
You can see some of last years submissions in the Boobie Gallery.
Don't forget to send out your Boobiethon Tweets.
Remember: It's for a good cause.

Here's the HNT I did with my daughter on Breast Exams. The Greatest Gift. It's important to teach them yourself. You're the only one who can really show them correctly.

Here's a way to waste 5 minutes.
A 41 Question Personality Test from
My Personality Test results.

Personality Test

Not at all accurate, and yet... completely accurate.
Much like my horoscope in the newspaper.
If you take the test make sure you post your results in the comments. I'm more interested in others than in myself as my results clearly show.


Another Suburban Mom said...

Hubman and I are in on the Boobiethon. I will be signing up on twitter today.

T said...

Yay! I want to see your boobiethon pics!

I fear the Twitter.