Saturday, September 12

Body Perception

Diet Photo

When AnotherSuburbanMom suggested we post our flaws on HNT I thought it was a brilliant idea.
I posted my belly picture. The part of my body that I see as 'flawed'.

I also read the posts from a lot of other bloggers on what they consider to be their flawed parts. Many of those posts had to do with dieting. The desire to lose weight.

I had written a post back in 2005 when I had finally reached my dietary goal.
A celebration. But I did take the post down after talking with a friend about how I had managed to kick those last pounds. I had gone to the extreme of an almost entirely liquid diet. A diet that was extremely high in sodium and not healthy at all. A diet of desperation.

I took the post down when a friend suggested that others might follow my lead and harm themselves in the process. That was something that I hadn't considered. It was bad advice. It had to go.

But the post that I did on Thursday made me start thinking about the battle I've had with my belly. The picture above is from the original post I had written about my weight loss. As you can see the belly battle began there. I had lost the weight, and my belly was actually very toned. But there were still pockets of flesh that no amount of exercise could erase.

I've actually put some weight back on intentionally. The goal I had set for my weight was not a good weight for my figure. I just didn't look 'right'. My belly did start to look much more normal when I put some weight back on. Not perfect by any means and still 'flawed' in my eyes. But I've learned to live with it.

This is a cautionary tale for all those who think that a certain 'weight' is desirable. We listen too much to Hollywood. We let them instill in us what we should consider normal, or acceptable.

I'm here to tell you that it's not realistic to believe that Demi has never had plastic surgery. And it is okay to get a tummy tuck if you want one. Wanting to feel good. Wanting to feel desirable and sexy is fine.

It's your body.
It's your happiness.
Own it.


13messages said...

I'm happy to see such a clear photo of your face. You are a very beautiful person.

Very nice post as well. You share great wisdom.

T said...

13, thanks so much.
I can't tell you how terrifying and freeing it is to talk about these things in the open.

My dieting happened so long ago that most people visiting now don't even know about those blogging adventures.

I still go liquid once or twice a week to maintain my weight, but now it's fruit juices and Kefir. I must admit that I still have an addiction to the Spicy V-8s that helped me lose my weight.

So delicious!

I forgot to add your link.
Doing it now!

Another Suburban Mom said...

Thank you for sharing your story. BTW: I am sure it does not matter but Hubman and I think you are very hot in both pictures.

I am glad that you got something positive out of the experience this week.

T said...

ASM, you're awesome.
And Hubman is as well.
I'm so glad that I found you both.


Sexy PTA Mom said...

Go, you! Not for losing the weight, but for having the determination to go for what you wanted and achieve it. That is quite something! You know already that I think your belly looks amazing, but I know how we women are about our bodies. (And it's not our fault, damn it!) lol! I find it interesting that you are terrified, because I would think you would be very proud of yourself. But then, I have trouble with pride (not having enough) from time to time myself. BTW, I LOVE Spicy V8!! Now I want to go get some!!

T said...

Sexy Mom,
I've been active duty during a war. I've rappelled out of a helicopter. Funny that this would make me so nervous. Vanity is one of my weaknesses.

But honestly, it's a relief to have it over. Like diving into a cold pool. I'm starting to adapt.

PS. Spicy V-8 is the bomb!
Adding your link baby doll.
You really are a sexy PTA mom.

adamantixx said...

i agree with all you say here but must admit to being somewhat distracted by the picture of that rather beautiful woman!

T said...

I love you.
I really do.

Dee said...

You're awesome, T!