Friday, December 28

Out With The Old

In with the New!

Say goodbye to the pink hair.
It's okay. It was just temporary dye anyway.

As you can see I've taken down the Christmas template that I created. It's still available for download here Christmas Template. And it's free! Aren't those wonderful words to hear after the holidays have ravaged your wallet? Consider it a belated gift from me to you.

I created the current template with a musical theme. Note the Violent Femmes and Gary Jules quotes. I also started work last week on a template for men. It's not quite finished, but it'll be ready for download (hopefully) this weekend. You can view it here Musical Template and watch while I work. I'm also using a musical theme for this men's template. I like my templates like I like my men.
Brilliant and moody. Ahem

The next men's template will be dedicated to the geeks and nerds. You know how hard I crush on geeks and nerds. I couldn't possibly leave them out. I've created several breast cancer awareness templates with girl themes. I thought it only fair to create a couple of templates for the guys as well.

This will probably be it for a while though. I made an early resolution this year. That I would start making some changes in my life. That I would take some risks and start following my heart.

So... I quit my job.
I know. I know.
I hadn't mentioned it before because it gave me panic attacks even thinking about it.

Believe me, it was a tough choice, but it was time. I'm excited by the thought of new challenges and new opportunities. Today was a first step in that direction. I had a job interview with a company that I would truly love to work for.
Cross your fingers for me.

The subject of this post is 'out with the old, in with the new'.
Positive thinking on my part about starting a new job.

Of course that will mean that there will be no more pink highlights in my hair. Sad stuff that! I won't be able to spend as much time building templates, because I'll be spending my free time honing the skills I'll need in a new position. I'm an old pro at using the Microsoft Office Suites; Word, Excel, Power Point, and even Publisher, but I really need to throw myself into learning about the new company and their products so I can be a true asset and also so that I can be confident that I'm doing the best job possible.

Obviously I won't be here as much. The past couple of weeks that I haven't been working I've had more time to write here. Which was a nice distraction from the anxiety also. And it was great fun to get to visit and meet new people out on the Intertubes, but I will have to get back to a normal work schedule. I'll once again be limited to evenings and weekends and there are going to be periods of backlog in answering emails. I'll do my best.

The time off has also allowed me a chance to spend more time with Cheyenne. She's still working through the steps of grieving over Lona's death. The memorial video. We visited the cemetery a lot. Sometimes her friends would ask to go with us. We spent time decorating her grave with brightly colored mums and carnations.

The week before Christmas we put a mini tree in the planter. The kids she went to school with have been coming by and adding decorations. It just makes my heart ache for them all when I see the new ornaments. I can see the love and thoughtfulness that went into selecting them. They've hung jewelry in the tree as well. Necklaces and bracelets, earrings. The gifts that they would have given her this year. I'll get a picture the next time we go. It looks absolutely beautiful.

We also finally got to meet Lona's Halo!

A local horse breeder has named one of his new race horses after Lona. We've all been waiting to meet her. He named her after Lona because he says she has Lona's spirit. Sweet and outgoing. She loves having her picture taken and if there are people near her pen she moseys right up to nuzzle. She loves to be groomed and she even has blond highlights in her mane. Yes, definitely Lona's spirit. She'll be leaving for North Carolina in the Spring to start her training on the track and to learn to get out of the starting gate. I'll post her bloodline soon with a few more pictures. She comes from amazing stock. Both her grandfather and her father were champion race horses. There's a lot of excitement about her racing future. We've been invited to attend her races by special invitation. I don't know much about horse racing, but I think I'm about to get a quick education on it. I hope you'll all root for her with us.

I know New Years is still a few days off, but I can feel it coursing through me today. That feeling of optimism and endless possibilities. That whisper in the air that makes the spirit hunger for new adventures. A reawakening of the gypsy in my soul.

I'll try to take advantage of this weekend to catch up with everyone. If you don't see my face around much next week just know that it means that good things are happening. I'll try my best to keep up with HNT and Musical Monday. The rest will have to be catch as catch can.

Have a great weekend!


Seamus said...

Oh! Good luck with getting the new job!
I must admit I've thoroughly enjoyed your presence in the sphere lately! :)
How special that is that there is a race horse named in Lona's honor!

Tara Tainton said...

What a fantastic new year you have to look forward to, Tricia! Change is a wonderful thing and always brings positive new experiences. Can't wait to hear how things unfold in the new year for you. :)


WDKY said...

Well, that was brave... and GOOD LUCK!!! I truly hope that '08 is easier for you, and that it's full of wonderful surprises, T x

BTExpress said...

Good luck with the new job.

Tricia said...

Seamus, It's been fun! I thought for a while there that you might just disappear too. I'm so glad you chose to stay.

A new year.

I think we both need a fresh start.
I'm not sure if the spirit box will be much help this new year. Things that have happened are just a little deeper than putting by gones away. This year I guess we'll both just be praying for acceptance--in some form.

When are you coming back?
I miss you.

Zoely said...

Happy New Year! Waiting for you to resolve to visit!

Tricia said...

WDKY, after my dream I went back through some of our old stomping ground. My god. We are absolutely adorable together. It made me long for what could have been. sigh

But we do still have each other.
In the best way.
And I'm looking ahead to visiting.

I've never given up.

Tricia said...

Tara, on my next trip to LV I'm definitely going to need a hostess. You're the only one for me! Maybe you can rub some of your good luck off on me? You know I don't tickle easily.

Tricia said...


I just made that call tonight.
Waiting for a response.

I'm trying to make it before the deadline. I really am!

Tricia said...

BT, thanks babe!
I'm really looking forward to a change. A new adventure. I'm trying not to get too excited just in case... but I think it's too late. I haven't been able to wipe this goofy smile off my face.