Thursday, October 4

HNT - The Video

We've finally finished Cheyenne's memorial video for Lona.

For me it is an amazing journey to watch. I see the girls when they first became friends, how young they look to me in those pictures. And I see them growing up also. Turning into the little beauties that drove the boys crazy.

I'm so glad that they took lots of pictures when they were together. Now those photos act as a reminder of the fun times they shared. Each photo has a story behind it of what they were doing at that time, where they were, who they were with. I love hearing my daughter recount the stories behind those photos, as do Lona's parents; for them it's like getting to know their daughter in ways that they had not known her before and they take great joy and comfort in hearing those stories. Told from the perspective of her friends, it gives them new insight into just how much her friendship meant to them and just how much she was loved by everyone who knew her.

The necklace that Cheyenne wore in this picture is now in Lona's hand.
The night before the funeral the family brought Lona home, a brave and loving act that I must say I admire them for. They wanted her to spend her last night in her own home, surrounded by the people who loved her most of all. They invited Cheyenne and a couple of her other close friends to spend that last night there also. Cheyenne spent that last night with Lona and watched videos and such with her family. They all comforted each other. Lona's parents took Cheyenne in to where her casket was to let her say her goodbyes and also her mother helped to place the necklace in Lona's hand so that she would have that small part of Cheyenne with her forever. A loving act that I will be eternally grateful for.

It took her a long time to watch the entire video. But now she watches it every night before bed. It brings her some comfort to see the two of them together and the wonderful times that they shared. We are happy to be able to share this video with you and to know that Lona's memory will continue on in every person who views it.

The necklace that Cheyenne gave to Lona was a heart. The song for this montage is 'My Heart Will Go On' by Celine Dion. We thought that was fitting.

See the man.

PS. The instructions to use the 'Going Pink' templates can be found here.'ve included screenshots to guide you through the process.
You can download the zip files here.

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Shibari said...

So unbelievably moving
My heart is with your daughter... I wish i had better words...

Tomscockwhore said...

Beautifully done......


Zoely said...

Tricia, how ya been? Missed you.
I wish you'd warned me to have tissues handy! This is so well done & moving. Sending love.

tkkerouac said...

Soo moving, beautiful and sad at the same time.
Not sure what happened but what a lovely tribute to your daughter,
stay strong

Sara said...

Moving and touching. As I haven't been a regular blogger reader, I am not sure what happened, but at such a young age I am sure it is tragic. Just remember to keep the great memories and not the last.

PS. I have a great boyfriend and dog. And I will keep them both, but it is just something that must be done because of the job I have.

My FiancEe is HOT said...

That is so truely moving. I am touched and truely saddened. Lots of hugs to you

~d said...
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~d said...

that was the most beautiful (tribute) I have seen in a very long time.
I do not know (you) or the story behind Lona's death. However (as a human?) and as a mother and as a girlfriend, I felt this so deeply inside of me. Dear Tricia, why is it easier for (us?) to cry at someone else's loss? God bless you, Cheynenne and Lona's family. This is remarkable. I feel privileged to have seen it.


SeaRabbit said...

You had me cry out loud today... As a mom, this is one thing I can't even dare to imagine... loosing one of my baby out of a sudden... and you put reality right in my face... Yes, it happens, yes it is the most painful event of the world... and yes... we survive... with all the sadness and pain buried inside...
Thank you for reminding me me to show my kids how much I love them while they are here, with me... No matter the messes, no matter the worries for stupidities... We should all right now tell our kids how much we need them and love them...
HHNT... and all my thoughts for your daughter... It is surely a very hard moment, loosing a best friend... ;-(

BTExpress said...

Beautiful tribute. Must have been very difficult emotionally to put together.

Tricia said...

Thanks so much to you all.

It has been tough. On both of us. But Cheyenne sits with me when I write about this and it allows us to talk about all of the feelings that we're both having now. I hate to continue to post about it, just because I worry that it makes other people uncomfortable, they don't know what to say, but right now it's too close to the surface to not be dealt with, it's just screaming inside, best to get it out. And what's the point of having a blog if you can't chronicle the things that affect you strongly? It certainly isn't pretty, and not a night has passed that I haven't been awakened by the sound of my daughters sobs. But life is not all about fun; sometimes it's the pain and fear that allows us to make those connections on a deeper level that we may have missed otherwise.

So this just is. This just is the way it is for now. No point in denying it or trying to act like life is going on as normal. I threw myself into making the breast cancer templates because I needed something to focus on, some way to feel productive and useful in the midst of a situation that i had no control over. Hoping that it might be therapeutic in some ways, and also bring something good to others who may need it.

But I do still have my humor - I hope you noticed that ;) And HNT (on the outside of this blog) does bring me back to myself for a bit. It's a relief to laugh, to tease, to get turned on by all that flesh being flashed in my direction, but more than anything it feels good to feel somewhat 'normal' again. To get out there and comment and play.

And these posts mean a lot to Chey.
We talk and write together, she has written some things that she wants to share also. But the comments mean a lot. They mean that she's not alone in her shock and grief. And right now she needs to know that.

So again, thank you all.

PS. To those of you who didn't know (Sara-you-non-blog-reading-adventure-chick), Lona passed away from sudden heart failure, she had turned 16 the month before her death. She had an undiagnosed enlarged heart. The irony hasn't been lost on any of us that she was truly one of those 'loving' people, the kind of person that others wanted to be near because she made them feel good, she had friends, literally, all over the world--and that she passed because her heart was too big. Ironical. And tragic for those of us left behind. We all loved her very much.
We all miss her terribly.

Tom Paine said...

Man, you have had more than your share of heartache in this life, Girl. My regards and yes, prayers to you and yours.

Keyser Soze said...

I'm so sorry for Cheyenne's loss.
Big mojo love juju from NY.

Love and miss you both!
AndyT13 AKA

~d said...

So, Angel of the Graveyard,,,I am thinking that (friday night) and a glass (or twoo) of wine...and a DUMMY at computer stuff...well, I should not be effing with my template.
I am temporarily pink...and shall come back-I know notebook! and I shall attempt YOURS!

Mermaid Girl said...

That was just so beautiful, I cried my eyes out the entire way through...what beautiful memories to have and cherish.


Seamus said...

That was beautifully done. No words...

BTW - I finally saw your comment on DD (I really need to add the code that tracks comments on all the posts) and you said exactly what is going on there. I will take your advice/request though - there is a ton of pics and vids to compile. What did you use to compile this?

Seamus said...

oops - I just realized you already left me the OTM link! Thanks gorgeous!

Ashley said...

It was a beautiful tribute.