Sunday, October 28

This is Halloween Musical Monday

A day late but...

We now have the radio station set to the Halloween channel.

And I found a really cool blog tonight.
Obviously a guy after my own heart ;)


Bud said...

Nice collection of tunes there! If I were playing a gig I'd have to work on some of those but I have a few days off.

searabbit said...

Very good choice!!!! I will play them from now until Halloween ends here... we are still in the middle of it!

Tricia said...

Bud, I bet you do a great rendition of Little Red Riding Hood ;)

I'm glad you have a few days to rest. You've been doing some great work. Love the new recordings.

Tricia said...

Searabbit, I got all dressed up and lit the candles, broke out the fog machine-and only five knocks on the door :(

There used to be a ton of trick or treaters here but most of them are now teenagers and would rather go to parties. Maybe next year I'll just bring the fog machine and my broomstick and join them!

Anonymous said...

Where are your HNT pictures? I was expecting more horny devil :(

Lil Bit said...

Awesome compilation of H'ween tunes!!

Hope you had a spooktacular one, hon. =)

Celti said...