Friday, October 19

Spooky is an LOLSecretz star

It turns out that my cat Spooky has been keeping secretz from me.
Spooky's BIG Secret
Now who'd a thunk it?

It's a shame I had to go to LOLSecretz to find out.
But it does explain all of the trojans and viruses I've been getting lately :P is the meeting of two of the internet's most famous memes– PostSecret (the blog where people anonymously confess their deepest darkest secrets) crossed with Lolcat Macros (the phenomenon where people ascribe poorly spelled human emotions to animals).

A special thanks to O for the great captions! I laughed so hard when I read them that I almost wet myself.
Love you babe!

Spooky's next appearance will be on
I'll let you know when it's up. Can't wait to find out what other mischief my cat has been getting into while I'm stuck at work. Sheesh!


Michael Manning said...

Tricia: Be glad the cat doesn't have a Mac, just a PC! Imagine!!

Bud said...

A cat has to do what a cat has to do.

Tricia said...

Michael, at least he wouldn't be downloading viruses. Heh
I guess if you're going to have a pRon addicted cat it would be wise to run a MAC. Or at least Mozilla!

Tricia said...

Bud I agree. sheesh.
Don't we all?

I just wish he wouldn't leave my keyboard so sticki. Yech.

Tricia said...

And to think he started out so sweet. Just like this...
a sweet halloween kitty

~d said...


I totally LOVE you!!

isn't SHE cute!!

Tricia said...

~d, darling. You know what I like baby. A little goth pussy is always good for the soul.

I just happen to have found my horny pictures for you too ;)

~d said...

OMIGOD! I so totally suck ass!!!
My effing fone has been OFF, gurrl! I was watching Blades of Glory and effing DYING laughing!!! If you are still up-text me!!!

Tricia said...

~d you should know better than to leave to my own devices. Just imagine all of the trouble I've been in tonight ;)

MKL said...

Hey Tricia...

Our cats really look alike. My Misha has a brother, who ran away and sometimes comes back. He's more like Spooky, because his nose has a black spot. The only difference is your cat has a big black spot on the chest, but mine don't. But the white part is exactly the same. Amazing. Your cat looks so lovely :)