Sunday, October 28

Our Halloween Movie Guide

Ju on

Todays guide is for our favorite movies to watch around Halloween.

Number One on the list is Ju on. It's so much better than the watered down American version 'The Grudge'. If you haven't seen it then you're missing one of the scariest movies ever made. Trust me, if you like scary movies this is a 'Must See'.

Number two is also a foreign film and there are plans to make an American version.
A Tale of Two Sisters (aka:Janghwa, Hongryeon) was made in South Korea in 2003 and is a recommended movie from Cool To Open. This site is gone -- updating links as time allows.

Here's the rest of our favorite movies to watch for Halloween:
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    Angel Heart This is the movie that got Lisa Bonet kicked off of The Cosby Show ;) 
    Nightmare Before Christmas 
    From Hell
     Lost Boys  
     Hocus Pocus 
    The Witches  
    The Others 
    The Blair Witch Project
    Bram Stoker's Dracula  
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer  
    Salem's Lot 
    Rosemary's Baby 
    Nightmare on Elm Street 
    Mothman Prophecies  
    The Ninth Gate  

Do you have any additions we might have missed?

Cheyenne and I are about to curl up on the couch with Mac and Cheese and this playing. Little Shop of Horrors.

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Bud said...

Ha, NOTHING scares me any more. I've lived through 7 years of George Fucking W. Bush

Tricia said...

Bud, stop it!
I just got shivers!

Can you believe we actually own all of these movies? And I know I forgot some too. sheesh

What can I say?
We're a bunch of Horror addicts.

~d said...

I like Saw.
OMIGOD!-this flick rocks!

(I am a horror movie FREAK!)

Creepy ass clown movie! THEY FLOAT!
Amazing movie abt amazing poets (and wife!!)

Love you Tricia!

Tricia said...

Saw? Saw?

I've been subjected to hearing about all four of the Saw movies. I just haven't got the stomache for it-- I haven't checked out Hostel yet for the same reason.

Rope! Great one!
Rebecca is an all time fave that I never can sav for Halloween.

I miss you baby.
I think I like it that you can't talk back to me. Now I can say all kinds of dirty things to you and all you can do is breathe hard ;)

lecram said...

You've got a lot of my faves on your list. :)

Michael Manning said...

Tricia: I can't handle the Sci Fi Channel. But I remember this theater show they once had where they intentionally ran bad horror flicks. The camera shot the 3 movie critics and I think they were robots with lots of funny sarcasm. I still have to see "Plan 9 Outer Space" by the real Ed Wood! lol!

searabbit said...

This template is just so but so nice!!! Congrats!
And the movie list is very interesting... Thanks for sharing... I'm now making a list of those I didn't watch yet!