Monday, December 17

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas- From Pup and I

Pup and I had our Christmas Party Gathering.
He supplied the food and booze.
I supplied the me.
This is how we entertained our visitors.

In the meantime...
Cheyenne and I got elfed thanks to Pup.

Wanna see our Elf Dance?

Happy Musical Monday!!!


Blissfully Wed said...

You guys are quite cute. ;)

Happy holidays.

Bud said...

Haa, quite adorable!

Tricia said...

Blissful, you know you two are invited-ALWAYS!

I have a fold out couch by the fireplace with lots of candles and an electric blanket. Come stay at Chatteau Du WoodNotWood. A drunken romantic getaway.

Tricia said...

Bud, Adorable huh? Me or the monkeys?

Hint hint hint: Pick me Pick me