Wednesday, May 31

Night Song

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Dance with me among the stars
so high up in the sky.
Join with me; a kindred soul
that finally learned to fly.
Feel the liquid moonlight as
it wafts across your wings,
And listen to the starsong
that through the heavens ring.

MoonFlight~~ Fletcher

I was talking to Fletcher the other evening and he said this amazing thing to me. His words struck a cord of longing that I cannot seem to satisfy. Some part of him understands this need that I have to transcend the physical and deliver myself, heart, soul, and mind; unbound, and as pure as liquid into the mouth of my love.

When you drink with someone, or "share water", it is an act of sharing yourself with that person so thoroughly that you become that person. You understand them as well as you understand yourself, and they you. Your spirits merge. You 'grok' them thoroughly. The concept is from Robert A. Heinlein's novel,'Stranger in a Strange Land'

In this world of chaotic relationships and untenable distance isn't that all that we wish for? For that moment when the joining of spirit, mind and body overwhelm and we are unable to tell where we end and our lover begins. Until we are no longer individuals, but gestalt, inseparable, and lost within each other.