Thursday, May 25

HNT Traveling

I dipped my toes into the tide and felt the strength of the undertow. Something I have not felt in years. I stood and watched the water rise up over my feet and pull the grains away, my feet sinking further into the sand as Poseidon called the smallest of his wayward children back to far off adventures. I breathed deeply and the smell of the sea wrapped itself in and around me, became a part of my being as it had been in years past.

We arrived in Savannah under the brightest full moon I have ever seen. It loomed huge and heavy over the treetops, then ascending and forming a double moon, one in the heavens and one rippling on the waters below. It dared to rival the sun as it shone down on me, leaving a midnight shadow on the ground beneath my feet. It seemed as if it had come there, in that splendor, on that night, just to welcome my arrival. Its brilliance enough to make it difficult to discern the lights of the little bar on the pier, but I was quite aware of the music that was emanating from the speakers above.

Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones.
I was in Paradise.

I stood there thinking to myself, this moment I must remember, this very second, with the sand between my toes and the cold froth hitting my ankles-- as the moon climbed higher and the tide answered with enthusiasm. Stars barely visible as they failed to compete with the moon, a brave few twinkled softly as the wind blew through my hair.

And then 'Into the Mystic' by Van Morrison came over the speakers. I kid you not! It really did! Someone must have known I was coming because it is, as I have written so many times before, my favorite. I was beside myself in ecstacy.

I called A excitedly.
"Guess where I am?"
"At the beach!"
We both started screaming like little girls.
"I'm at the beach"
"You are! You're at the beach!"
"And I have my feet in the ocean!"
"Oh my God! You have your feet in the ocean!"
Then quieter...
"I'm so happy for you honey. I know how much you've missed the coast."
"God, I feel like I just came home. It even smells like the ocean!"
"Well, what did you think it was going to smell like?"
"I don't know, maybe like disappointment. Like it wouldn't be as wonderful as I remember, but it is. It is absolutely wonderful."
"I'm not surprised, that's where your heart is. I miss the ocean too."
"We'll go together next time!"
"We'll go to the beach!"
"Oh hell yeah!"
"It's going to be so much fun!"
"Have fun sweetheart."
"I miss you."
"I miss you too."

The next day we stayed at the beach on Tybee and then we hit downtown Savannah, visiting the cemetary and the pubs and restaurants along Riverside. Who ever would have thought that Heaven was only four hours away and I never knew?

This summer A and I will see it together, just as I wished on that first night as I stood with my feet in the ocean.

I did bring back gifts though.

For Lumivox...
Kevin Barry's Authentic Irish Pub on the Riverfront.
Thanks so much for the recommend. We had a blast there.
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And for Denny...
A stop off in his classic dining car diner.
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Happy HNT everyone!
Next week is gravestones and Spanish Moss...
it just gets better!

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