Saturday, May 20


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I believe that each lifetime we experience in this corporeal form is part of something larger, and I believe the universe guides us to join with the souls we are meant to know, to prepare us, to allow us to grow – so we can create, so we can feel, so we can learn, so we can love. So this ‘thing’ which we cannot see, yet can feel so deeply and so passionately, is our greater purpose. To connect and to love.
The Lazy Geisha
Connection part x

I've been reading Nina's blog and pondering this need of connection.
She has written a 10 part series on connection that has affected me so much.
I think that if I were to sum up every thing that I have come to realize through her writing it is this 'the universe guides us to join with the souls we are meant to know'.

This simple, yet subsuming, thought encompasses so many of my own relationships. Be they fleeting or long lived, deep or shallow, whether they ended badly or continue to thrive and grow, each one has touched me in some way. That connection that the heart craves, that touch that the body responds to in ways unexpected and wrenching.

I think back to the greatest kiss I ever received. It was at the Marble Bar. I was 18. He was just a friend, a friend of a friend really. We were drinking shots and laughing when he took my face in his hands and kissed me. I didn't really react, just hung suspended as his lips moved against mine, parting my lips and kissing me through to my soul. It was like fire. I felt it melt through my entire body.

It was a kiss that was never meant to be. It just happened and when it was over I was surprised at myself, that I hadn't pulled away, that I had simply let it happen. Afterwards we both slowly opened our eyes, some look of wonder passed between us. Some desire to repeat it, yet we did not. It never went any further than that single kiss.

And yet the memory of it has never left me.

This was never meant to be a relationship, just a momentary connection, the beauty and depth of that one incredible moment seared into memory and held there like a treasure, a gift, amorphous and fragile. And yet so powerful. Unforgettable.

These small connections are what holds us together amidst the chaos. This is what we all strive for. That moment of bliss, of ecstacy, that two people share within themselves. It is solitary and universal. And all the more powerful when shared.

That single kiss, a hand brushing against my cheek, words whispered in my ear for me to hear, alone, connected, transcending everything around me. These things I can remember vividly. Each memory like a tress in a locket, put there for safe keeping that they should never be forgotten.

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