Thursday, August 27

HNT New York Fashion Week

Working Fashion Week

hnt work 2

Creating displays of panties, bras, and accessories.
I had the lay outs. The color boards. The models. The photos.
And never enough of my best friend - coffee!

Obviously these were not part of the Depression Chic collection.

A blast from the HNT past.
HNT Black Leather Boots VS White Gogo Boots?
There were 86 comments on that post. I can't pick a favorite. I loved them all. We had a great time playing. I guess that's all that really matters.

See the man, Osbasso!

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13messages said...

What a wild week that must be. That's a lovely photo. And thanks for letting me see that Gogo boots post again. You're beautiful.

T said...

13, You're such a tease! All of those hints about our past lives, but you're a stinker to not just come out and say it. Not that you really need to. I already know.

Made me sad to see the past erased.
Fun times those were. I miss them.

13messages said...

Let's get back to chatting again soon. I love talking music with you.

MKL said...

I can't see your eyes on that photo. That's a pity. You have beautiful eyes ;-)

T said...

13, I wish you could post some of that stuff, but I know that would give away your anon. Still we do have some fascinating connections. We'll definitely go back into music here as well. I miss our old friends. It felt like family.

T said...

MKL, you're so sweet to me!
To tell the truth I think some might be tired of seeing my big head in every photo. Maybe it's time for some other body parts?

MKL said...

Oh well, I never get tired of you. I take whatever you give ;-) But I enjoy the photos of you, you are a very charming woman, your posts and photos make my day. Hope you write some more.

Vixen said...

Look at all those pretty bras!!!

autumn said...

what a wonderful colour selection behind you there. coffee is my best friend as well.

go-go boots are sexy no matter WHAT colour they are lady! wish i could be in NY with you for fashion week. I'll just keep on dreamin!

Anonymous said...

Fashion Week - how exciting - and exhausting I'm sure. Loved the boot pics too and really can't decide between them - I'd want both!

the eternal list said...

have fun in NY when you're not working

depression chic, LOVE that name


Lil Bit said...

Looks like a funnnnnn time, girly!... but y'know what? You have about everything you need for that shoot EXCEPT me! lol

Take me w/ya next time, k? ;)

HHNT, sweetie!

Missy said...

Coffee and Bras...two of my favorite things!

T said...

Vixen. Yes. Pretty bras. Pretty, pretty bras. That happens to me when I see pretty undies as well.

Missy. Coffee and bras. Life is sweet.

T said...

Lil Bit! You funky bunny. I don't get to go to the show. Oh no. Not me. I get to create displays while curriers sit in the lobby waiting like vultures to swoop down and fly them to their destination. What I get are pictures and phone calls, 'Look at how great that turned out! Wow. But the picture doesn't do it justice. You'd have to be here to see it for yourself.'

Yeah. Sure. Right.

But you know my next trip to NY... you're definitely invited to be my best mate.

PandaDementia said...

Hello, T! Thank you so much for visiting my site and leaving such a, *ahem*, lovely comment. Glad you found me, love your blog! :)

DougInYourPants said...

U R ugly.

T said...

Yeah. Yeah. I know.
DougInYourPants... if that really is your name.

MKL said...

DoughInHisBrains: U R dumb.


Seamus said...

Hey gorgeous! Good to see you on Thursdays again! :)

T said...

Seamus! Good to see your face around here too. I'll be coming to visit the blog soon. There'd better be something new up!

T said...

MKL, you're so cute! Defending my honor.. hee

I'll be by to visit you as well.

MKL said...

Yes, defending your honor is my pleasure ;-) I'd love to get your opinion on my latest post. You're welcome to drop by :)

~d said...

Hiya T
Life goes on...(right?)

I'll MAKE time to be in touch!