Wednesday, August 5

Early Hours

Night has given birth to a new morning. The faintest light has begun to creep against my window shades.

This is the hour when I miss you most. My body is still tingling from my dreams of you. I can still feel your hands on me. Those same hands that touched, first tentatively, then with growing urgency. I wonder if I would feel this longing for you if you were here. Would I pull away from you? Afraid to lose myself in your touch. Would I fear to let myself go and lose myself completely?

Sometimes the thought of it makes me shudder. I don't know that I can get myself back if I dare to venture into the depths that you have promised.

Sometimes I'm afraid that I'll just stop breathing.

Only you would be able to bring me back.

But I think that you would not.

Helpless as a burning city,
how can I ignore that the extremes
of pleasure are fire storms
that leave a vacuum into which
dangerous feelings (tenderness,
affection, l o v e) may rush
like gale force winds

You Ask Why Sometimes I Say Stop
~~ Marge Piercy

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MKL said...

This is deep. I could totally feel you on this.

Lil Bit said...

Beautifully tragic.

I really liked this a lot!

T said...

Thanks guys.
I was definitely having a free thinking moment.

Sometimes it happens in the wee hours.