Sunday, August 9

Depression Chic

Last Spring, In the midst of all of the chaos that was going on in my life, I had the opportunity to pick up some freelance work in Fashion Marketing. It was my first time working during Fashion Week in New York.

The one thing you can count on in the fashion industry is that it will always find a way to take whatever topic is hot in the world and turn it into a 'trend'. This year, as the country headed into a downhill spiral of financial despair, the fashion industry quickly picked up the headlines that we were 'Heading into the Next Great Depression' and, with their usual joie de vivre, created the latest fashion trend called Depression Chic.

I've been working in merchandising clothing lines this year that include some of the most drab and strange colors. All of the colors look like they've been mixed with a sooty gray.

I'm hoping the fall lines will be a bit more cheerful.

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MKL said...

It's funny. If it's gonna be a big depression, should we wear depressing colours? Wouldn't it be better to wear something colorful to cheer us up?

I feel like it's not a big difference the last few years. The recession is made by the media. It was bad already, but if the media was so focused on the stock market. Now they focus on real people who struggle to make ends meet for years. I really hate mainstream media and all the politicians and pundits who go hand in hand with them. This is the biggest mafia in the world!

T said...

MKL, Don't you think it's about time they started telling the stories of families in need. I'd much rather read those than hear about how companies are fighting over who can use what apps.

It just directs us away from what's happening around us in the real world.

I'm hoping for something lively this fall. If you look great you feel great. That's my motto!

MKL said...

I agree... but I'm afraid they will say it's getting better when Wall street starts making money and when unemployment declines due to rich people employing (exploiting) low payed (and needy) workers who would take anything to survive.
I think we shouldn't measure a countries wealth by the GDP, but by the poorest people. If they're doing well, the country is good.
I am not very colorful when it comes to clothes, but I don't wanna see people wearing clothes like there's doomsday coming soon.

T said...

MKL, I'm afraid I'm going to have to disagree with you.

Not about the economics, I actually wrote a whole post to you talking about that. Should be interesting, heh!
But about when you said "I don't wanna see people wearing clothes like there's doomsday coming soon."

I think you don't want to have to see girls wearing dumpy depression clothes. You're young. You're single. I'm sure you'd much prefer to see them looking hot. Sizzlin'!

MKL said...

Girls in particular, yes yes yes... And I am not so young anymore... Next year I will be like there go my twen years :"-(

Luckily I can still pull off the I'm 25 years old stunt, cuz I look like one :)

So what will you wear this autumn? Any recommendations? Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

I'll believe it when they start pushing thin, plastic bags as women's purses.

rage said...

Is there a fashion called "financial crisis?"


Lil Bit said...

LOL, who knew the Grapes of Wrath look would become high fashion!

Congrats on all of the recent freelance work (and your recent HNT is beautiful). =)