Thursday, August 20

HNT Freelance Writing

hnt work
I picked up some freelance writing work. Nothing technical for a change.
It did my heart good to be able to write again. A calm came over me.
I felt myself again as I haven't in a long while.

How still,
How strangely still
The water is today,
It is not good
For water
To be so still that way.
Sea Calm ~~Langston Hughes

An HNT Blast From the Past.
hnt blues
Unfortunately haloscan lost most of the comments, but they have promised to return them for a small ransom.
Most memorable comment from that post.
Denny Shane: "thanks for the nice vote of confidence but I don't do half-nude gracefully. I'm a 100% type guy! lol"

See the man, Osbasso!

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MKL said...

Tricia, hope you find some time to write something from your heart here. Maybe a poem. I miss your posts :)

Btw, you look very attractive with the glasses. ;-) *winks at ya

13messages said...

This is quite the lovely post. Your photo is beautiful, too.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the writing job. Lovely pic and cool glasses too!

the eternal list said...


Anonymous said...

Love the glasses! I've been thinking of getting some new ones, you may have inspired me. :-)

MinorityReport said...

I love your picture (and the glasses...very cute!). Congrats on the writing job. HHNT.

Vixen said...

I love your glasses! Very cute. xo

Seamus said...

Hey! Gorgeous in glasses! :) Good that you can SEE to write now, huh? ;)

Wilmaryad O'Scallas said...

Congratulations for the freelance work. Nice pendant! :)