Monday, July 31

Wonderful Fabulous

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Please welcome AndyT13 to Musical Monday.
He is best described by four of my favorite S words:
Sailor, Singer, Song Writer and Slave.

Wonderful Fabulous

I feel his heat pushing in on me as his strong hands caress my body. His voice is thick as he whispers my name, his lips pressing against my neck, he begins to sing the words he wrote for me.

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I am overcome by my need for him. Overwhelmed by the passion only his voice can stir in me. My knees shake slightly with the building tension. Butterflies play in my stomach and I am overwhelmed by the intoxication that his kisses bring. The fluttering slips deeper into me, turning into a heat that threatens to burst into flame if left unquenched.

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Welcome to Music Monday Sweetheart!

You can check out more about Andy's music here.