Friday, August 4

A Special Time

My grandmother turned 82 today. It was a day of incredible celebration. She is as beautiful today as I can ever remember from my childhood. She is a woman of grace and soft voice. I lived with her when I was growing up. She was as much an influence on me as my own mother. I once wrote a short story about her titled 'While Rocking' when I was in college. I'll try to dig it up to share it, to celebrate the life of an incredible woman.

My daughter and I are also planning a YaYa Sisterhood trip with the women of my family this week. A time to travel together and share with my daughter the stories of our family history. We plan to open up the past, both dark and light, and pass on those stories that have been handed down through the generations.

Then I'm off to Philadelphia for the blogger gathering. A chance to see the historical sights and drink a lot of beer with people who have been my blogging family. Hopefully we'll be bringing back lots of pictures!

Until I return,
Much love to you all!

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In other news...
Cheyenne has done a piece on her favorite movie star, Marilyn Monroe.
Yes, my baby has started her blog back up!
Unfortunately we messed up her links and sidebar when we made a new template, but she wants everyone to know that she will be re-linking after our trip.

See you there!