Friday, June 23


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How can I resist? Her words roll over my body, caressing like fingers, searching, exploring. Discovering parts of me that have been hidden. Brought to life through the rise and fall of her breath.

She circles around me and above me. Her words wrapping in my hair and around my waist, holding me like a lover, unbidden, unexpected, and then she is there, her voice whispers in my ear, her fingers extend and touch, leaving feeling where before all was numb. I come alive in her heat, her warmth.

And the heat builds until it is unsustainable, like a star shining brightest as it nears death I give myself to her. I lay myself out for her. To await the small death that will finally explode within me.

And yet she is nothing more than a muse. A spirit that sweeps over me and then departs, leaving only cold and empty where once ecstacy dwelt. And I reach for her, knowing that there will be nothing there. Only memory.

And it will leave me more empty for clutching at the cold still air.

    I am once again humbled and grateful to have friends as dear and generously selfless as Tricia... This is beautiful, and I am honored to share it with her readers. Tricia was called away suddenly, and is out of town attending to a family emergency. We're all once again reminded that while things happen and keep moving in this cyber-world, our real world life must come first. Tricia has asked me to keep an eye on things here while she's away, and I'd ask you all to keep her in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. - nina aoki

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