Thursday, June 22

Savannah HNT

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I recently incorporated part of my Savannah trip into an article I wrote for our new women's 'blogazine' Menage a Trois. This was my first article called 'Touch'.

I'd like to thank Lime, LeighAnn, Fletcher and SoCal Sal for coming over there and lending their support to this new venture. It has meant the world to me!

My one and only complaint is that, as the 'Vanilla' blogger on Menage a Trois I have not been able to find enough romantic/erotic posts to include on Hott Reads from the vanilla bloggers. Now I know we're Hott too. And we are definitely as erotic as anyone else out there, so I am enlisting your help. If you have a particularly steamy post on your blog, or if you have a favorite post by another blogger, please send me an email... teamweight at yahoo. I'd love to share your Hott posts with our readers.
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Of course writing there has taken away some of my commenting time and I also want to thank you all for your patience while I try to juggle two blogs. And that you haven't deserted me! Thank you for that!

Happy HNT!!!
See the man... Osbasso.