Thursday, July 26

HNT - Hanging with Pup

Pup and I finally had some time to go out together.

We kept trying to get our schedules together but he's been travelling back and forth to NY and I've been up to my bottom in work.

So we went to the cigar bar and he bought me dinner. And a few vodkas with cranberry juice. I really needed that. An evening out! With alcohol.

It didn't take long before we were hanging all over each other. I'm sure we were a spectacle, but who cares right?

He sent me this picture of his room in NY. Pretty tempting isn't it? I might just have to take off for a long weekend. We'll get together and talk about it this weekend (I hope).

Doesn't he have the most gorgeous smile?
I think that smile is reserved for me.


Happy HNT!

See the man.


Lapis Ruber said...

He has a lot to smile about - lucky man. Enjoy your trip to NY if it comes off. HHNT

rob said...

I can't see the smile. Is he hiding behind the pillows?