Thursday, July 5

HNT - Hanging in there

Tomorrow was a day I was looking forward to with a sense of trepidition and also anticipation. It was supposed to be the final surgery for J. His last facial reconstruction. Right now he has no bone between his eye sockets and his mandible. His sinuses are also gone. All of the nerves are dead.

The plan was to go in and remove bone from his posterior hip and implant it in his face. To rebuild the entire structure.

The insurance company called this week to tell us they won't cover it. I can't tell you what a hopeless sensation it is to argue with people who won't listen to you-- and are polite on top of it. You absolutely know you are not being heard. I think they should call it the Non-Benefits department, they spend more time telling you what they won't do instead of what they will.

Right now J's in danger of drowning in a bath tub. He'll certainly never swim again. There is nothing to stop water from going up his nose and into his lungs. And he's still missing his front three teeth. I can't begin to express how that has effected his self esteem, but without the bone implant there is nothing to implant teeth into.

I'm so frustrated I could scream.

The doctor rescheduled the surgery for next Friday. I now have a week to come up with the $1200 I need to switch insurance companies. Fun stuff that.

We'd appreciate some prayers right now.

HHNT to everyone.
See the man Os.

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