Sunday, June 24


His headstone is shiny black granite.
I think he would have liked that.
It catches a vision of skies overhead and reflects your own face back at you when you read the inscription. There are flowers etched in the stone. As beautiful and intricate as he was.
With each visit the face reflected back reveals grief less and less.
Diminished devastation from that first glimpse.
There is a place for flowers there on the top.
A thing I've never used.
It would be too much to return and see them dying.
I leave that be.

Thinking of the day
When you went away
What a life to take
What a bond to break
I'll be missing you
P. Diddy
I'll be missing you

Today is my brother's birthday.
I miss him as much now as I did then.
The vigil continues.
We wait.
We watch.
We pray.
We keep him and his memory close to our hearts.

Happy Birthday Little Brother

If I knew

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