Sunday, May 13

Looking Ahead

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Sometimes the world feels tight. Like a closed bud that needs to be nurtured to open and bloom. I've been feeling thus of late. My arms, which usually reach out, have been restrained. As if they were bound to my sides.

Life has taken on an almost surrealistic quality. Things have been changing and moving so rapidly that I can hardly catch my breath. It's as if everything I've ever known to be true has suddenly rebelled, turned against me. The moon and stars that once gave comfort now hold no answers for me.

I was reading today. I ran across this... Beheading Horror In Street. It just made me wonder what the world is coming to. The prediction of gas prices rising to over $4.00 a gallon during the peak travel season. The brutal murders at Virginia Tech. The war that will never end.

I remember posting this so long ago. I'm feeling the same now. It's time to pull back and gather those I love around me again. Now that my little sister is here and the family is once again working together I feel like I have moved back in time. Some part good, some part stressful, but the determination that resides within us, the need to do our best for the group as a whole and not just for self, has buoyed my spirits again.

I fell into the slough of blogging ridiculousness almost a year ago. Writing in an e-zine about issues I feel strongly about, women's issues, was a dream that I have had for a long time, but the outcome of the pettiness involved in the 'personal dynamics' of the whole thing just left a bitter taste in my mouth. It didn't however spoil my appetite for the writing or my desire to continue writing with other women. I still have my beloved Sexy Tomatoes and we are planning on introducing some new material there. We've had some delicious ideas floating around our in-boxes and we are all excited to get the project moving forward.

I've also been talking to a couple of other women about starting a new 'Women's E-zine'. I decided that the most important thing about writing with others is choosing your co-authors wisely. Lucky for me, some of the women that I'm close to are absolutely brilliant writers and bring with them, not only a long-standing, lasting friendship, but also a level of intelligent discourse that promises to challenge the way people think and the way women write about their own issues. I'm over trying to 'put lipstick on a pig'. This time it's the real deal and I am looking forward to throwing myself into the project with enthusiasm. This will not be a blog, we are going for it whole-heartedly. A real dot com. A real on-line, and possibly print, magazine.

For now everything is under wraps. The planning and decision making stages are going on pre-launch. I'll be sure to let you know when we finally bust out of our corsets ;) I hope you'll all be there to pop the cork and celebrate with us!

Have a great weekend!

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