Thursday, May 31

HNT - I'd rather be riding

It's been an absolutely beautiful week. The sun has been shining with just enough of a breeze to keep the humidity at bay.

I was thinking today about the things I miss most about summer. I think riding is the thing I miss most. There's just something intoxicating about feeling the rumble of the engine between my thighs and the wind blowing through my hair.

I miss riding along the coast and watching as the sea rolled in against the rocks whilst our knees nearly kissed the pavement in a dance; two bodies in unison, moving together. The pull as speed and gravity kept us tightly bound to one another.

I miss driving through small towns, the children running to the curb to wave their hellos at the two strangers making their way through sun-dappled streets on a loud bike that they could hear coming from far off in the distance. The Eastern Seaboard is laden with Crabhouses just begging us to stop in for a bite. We'd sit at picnic tables covered in newspaper and crack crabs, laughing and planning where to head next.

The future was just around the next bend and we couldn't wait to get to it.
I miss the open road and I miss the bliss that we silently shared in our close quarters. I miss feeling at peace and at the same time feeling as one with the world around me.

Happy HNT Everyone!

Ducati Street Ride

See the man!
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