Friday, September 22

The Psychology of Perception

"However cleverly you sneak up on a mirror...
your reflection always looks you straight in the eye
Louis Cyphre
Angel Heart

We evolve in a web. We spread ourselves out and bask in the sun, we reach out to touch one another, never truly knowing what it is that we show of ourselves to the world.

And then it happens...

We are forced to look at ourselves through the eyes of another and suddenly the face that we know, the face of ourselves on the inside, is slowly reversed and we can finally see what others see of us.

I find it amusing to watch this happen. Sadly amusing.

The mind's eye is deceitful. It shows us a face we can live with. It shows us a face that we have intentionally polished so that we may sleep... when sleep will have us. But what do we do when the mirror's reflection shows us to be the ugly creatures we truly are?

My suggestion... change.

Else crash that betraying mirror and continue to pervert the self image. The Id will prevail, bent on self gratification and aggression, with little more than a thought to future consequence.

It feels so good to let the Id have its way with us. All satisfaction and no responsibility.

It is The Pleasure Principle.
It is without reason.