Wednesday, January 23

HNT _ Snow Day Jan 19

We got snow!
Real snow!
Cheyenne and I played in it all day and half of the night!

Not enough to make a big snowman, but we had fun making a small one.

And dressing him up.

Ta Da!

Happy Snow Day!

See the man, Osbasso
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Kittie Kate said...

That looks like so much fun!
I wish it would snow here instead of just raining and being cold. Snow is so much more fun than the rain.
Happy HNT!

Vixen said... two are so cute together. She's *stunning*.


Jason said...

happy snow day to both you cuties and a HHNT to ALL.

Wirthy said...

Too cold for me.

Happy HNT

Stealth said...

you are both gorgeous, and I love the snowman's hair, hehe

happy HNT :)

Evening said...

Looks like you two had a great time. I love the pictures.

Osbasso said...

Cuteness abounds all the way around!

G-Man said...

You guys had a snow day with THAT???
Lucky Dog!!
Two beautiful Snow Angels!

Zoely said...

Love it! Looks like good healthy fun!

My Fiancee is HOT © said...

It looks really really cold but you two warm it up with your beautiful smiles

Have a great HNT and a wonderful weekend



lime said...

that is just too cute. a snowman with dreads! i love it. you guys look so happy and like you had a great time.


Lapis Ruber said...

Just enough snow to enjoy - great. Happy HNT

Pud said...

Ahhhh...being young at heart again.

Happy HNT!

TK Kerouac said...

Beautiful, where are you from? Happy HNT!

Keyser Soze said...

Come back to NY and play with us!

Bunny said...

I have plenty of snow, if you would like more . . .


SoCal Sal said...

Two beauties in one HNT. How awesome is that!

I’ll have fun in the snow vicariously if you don’t mind. LOL … **Shudder** **flashback**

Anonymous said...

Wow! you are so beautiful!!! And your snowman is terrific!!!

Polt said...

A snowman on a snow day! Outstanding!!!


BTExpress said...

That snow doesn't even cover the ground, how did you get a snow day for that? But I'm glad you did. Nothing like spending the day together. Happy HNT!

Thanks, you made my day with that comment. :-)

Mark Leslie said...

That's got to be one of the cutest snowmen I've seen. Congrats on making the best with the little snow you got - always great to see.

Happy HNT!

Moosekahl said...

Snow days are the best and that is the most adorable snowman ever!

Mina said...

awww what a fun and cute HNT.

Anonymous said...

Awwww, looks like you two had a fun time in the snow. But mom, why did you let her wear those big hoopy ear-rings in the cold? ouchie!


Tara Tainton said...

Wow!! I haven't seen a good coating of snow since I left the Midwest... but it did sprinkle on the ground a bit a few times last winter here in Vegas!! Made me ready to up and move again! ;)

Take a long sled ride for me!!!


A Sexy Story said...

you call that snow... but its been to freaking cold to notice the snow right now. I think that the high today was -15C. snuggle with me to warm up...

Love you guys.


Sharon said...

Tricia, not sure what state you are living in, but in my neck of the woods (western canada that is), we are getting so much snow it's unbelievable.

Snow's so nice when it only comes once in awhile.

I love your daughter's heart earrings. I've got to get myself one of those.