Thursday, November 22

Thanksgiving 07 - HNT

Up early cooking!

Although most of us think of pilgrims and indians around Thanksgiving, the feast they shared in 1621 after an extremely hard winter, it was actually President Lincoln who proclaimed it a holiday in 1863.

I have much to be thankful for this year.
I plan to spend the day cooking and eating with family. Wrapped in the knowledge that this past year has been tough on us all. We'll be celebrating the fact that J is still with us. It will be one year since his motorcycle accident on the 28th.

This year I have so many of you to thank for being there for me.
For caring.

And of course, I never would have made it through that first week if O hadn't stayed on the phone with me.

J is back in the studio with his band. They're working on new material.
And his scars are healing well.

One or two more minor surgeries and he should be back to his old self.

Thanks and love to all of you.

Happy HNT!
And Happy Thanksgiving!

See the man, Osbasso.

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Blissfully Wed said...

My best to you and yours.


searabbit said...

Yes, you had one of those horrible year! I'm so glad your son is going well... but how hard were those months!!!
Have a nice day, Tricia! I'm glad to know you even such a little... ;-)

Moosekahl said...

All the right things to be grateful for. Enjoy the day!

TK Kerouac said...

You've survived quite the traumatic year,
Lots to be grateful for
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Viviane said...

Happy thanksgiving, dearie. Lovely news about J.

Zoely said...

Not sure why it was so difficult for me to figure out how to comment...i thought the line indicated a different post? Gah & i'm not even drinking yet.
HHNT! Glad everyone is OK.

Lapis Ruber said...

Happy Thanksgiving and HNT.

Tricia said...

Viv, that picture doesn't quite do justice to how well he's healing. Remember when they re-built his cheeks and nose out his hip and cadaver bone? He went right out a couple of weeks later and had his face pierced. Twice. Grrrr

Lucky for me his surgeon threatened to kill him so I didn't have to.

His doc did explain to him that scar tissue is the enemy right now. It's thick and strong. Strong enough to force the newly implanted, soft bone back inward, which will negate all of the work he did to build it up.

He lost all of the bone and nerve between his eye sockets (which were both fractured) and his maxilla. He has no sinuses, no nerves, and his tear ducts were severely damaged. His cheeks and nose bone had literally turned to powder. Oddly enough he completely separated his hard palate from his maxilla so they've had to sew his soft palate back together twice because it rips open from the bones pulling apart--but he only lost three teeth? How weird is that? They're working on his palate now and then they'll do his teeth implants.

But other than that he's doing great. The scar tissue hasn't been a problem so far. And you can see in the photo that the scars under his eyes from the operation are starting to fade.

He's been walking around here singing 'All I want for Christmas are my three front teeth'. At least he didn't lose his humor ;)

I miss you sweetie.
I'll email soon.

Tricia said...

Zoely, this template is actually for my sister. She's 'Always Listening'. I never listen. Just ask our dad ;)

I'll have my template up soon.
We're just testing this one, so it's good to know now if it's difficult to navigate :) I think the whole comment section is too cluttered though. Need to do something about that.


My Fiancee is HOT © said...

I wish you a great thx giving. I hope u will have even more to be thankful for.

Bud said...

Nothing but good news there! I'm so glad. Yeah it was a tough one for you and your gang but you made it through and that's enough to celebrate and be thankful for. Hope your day was perfect.

Naughty K said...

Have a great lot's of yummy stuff and Happy HNT

Kittie Kate said...

I'm glad he's healing! That's good news. I wonder what type of music he plays.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Happy belated HNT!

Seamus said...

Happy Thanksgiving and HHNT Smooch!

Lots to be thankful for! :)

Keyser Soze said...