Wednesday, January 31

Through a Glass, Darkly

"For now we see through a glass, darkly."
1 Corinthians 13:12

We build bridges within our world. Our hands reach out to find that thing that will allow us to connect. Each strand gossamer. Every touch a test. Touch here. Release, look for reaction. Touch there. Repeated again and again.

Each one of us longing to be swept away in the tidal flood of emotion, to be bound by that hand that masters us. To be connected. Enslaved. One.

Have a lovely HNT.

See the man... Os


Anonymous said...

Oh yes... eternally bound to the hand that masters us... whether he be fact or fantasy!

Tricia said...

Pan, or a little of both?

I think we all long for that perfection, however we find it.

BTExpress said...

Just one more button, one more. :-( Happy HNT!

Tricia said...

Bt! LOL!

It's supoosed to be half nekkid remember? Need a trim?

Sweat Shop Sissy said...

how is it possible that i've never read you before?
i agree, disney has done a great injustice to the brothers grimm.
i would love to see the shoes you mentioned. if you look carefully at the entry before hnt, you'll see links to the 2 pairs of mary janes(esque) we bought last week.

Sam said...

Ahhh, tis beauty kileed the beast, and I'm feelin mighty beastly today! LOL

Pyrhonik said...

You sure look hot in a skirt! Luvvin this HNT :)


m_o_o_nspells said...

Nice pic and words...and thanks for your sympathies on my horrible week. This too shall pass... ;o)
'Til then, HHNT!

BTExpress said...

You volunteering? ;-)

Regal said...

Happy HNT

Tricia said...

SSS, I love the shoes. I have a shoe fetish myself ;)

Tricia said...

Sam, you are quite the beast!

I hope you're keeping warm. I saw all of that snow. Wow!

You are so cute!

Tricia said...

P, I like to wear skirts. Or my old torn up blue jeans. Need a picture of my knee peeking through those!

Still enjoying my Colbert crush.. hehe

Tricia said...

m_o_o_n, I can fully empathize sweetie. If you need a shoulder I'm here for you.

Tricia said...

Bt, I am most certainly volunteering! You are a terrible tease sir. I may have to spank you before I trim you :)

Tricia said...

regal, HHNT!

I love your kitty ;)